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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+103: Chicken Little’s Sky Is Falling

05 September 2012 @ 20:20

Convicted domestic terrorist and suspected murderer and suspected pedophile Brett Kimberlin suffered a rather ignominious defeat today when he was forced to ask a judge to dismiss his petition for a peace order against blogger Jim Norton.

Both John Hoge and Aaron Walker were there to witness Kimberlin’s humiliation before Judge Terrance McGann.

From John, we learn [a big tip of the fedora to him for alerting me to this development]:

When Judge McGann denied Brett Kimberlin’s petition to quash John Norton’s appeal as moot, Mr. Kimberlin dropped his request for a Peace Order. That allows him to avoid testifying under oath concerning some of the claims he made in District Court.

In a post here, Aaron has all the details of the proceedings, a lawyer’s explanation of what went on legally, and background on the Kimberlin v. Norton cases.

A highlight:

…the upshot today is that John Norton can say that as a matter of law, Kimberlin was found to be a threat to him (because his peace order against Kimberlin stood), but equally as a matter of law he was not found to be a threat to Kimberlin. His name is cleared.

Congratulations, Mr. Norton. And thank you for fighting back against the vile behavior of this disgusting little man.

And thanks to John and Aaron for doing some Shoe Leather Reporting.


If you read the SPECIAL NOTICES section at the top of the column, you’ll notice an announcement for the auction and raffle behing held by the Bloggers Defense Fund to raise funds to defend those bloggers who have been subject to Lawfare.  The folks at BFD started a Twitter Account for their efforts named @BloggersDefense.  It has been sent to the #TwitterGulag.

As Aaron explains:

…You see Twitter empowers its users to block and report people for abuse which makes the critical mistake of trusting its users not to abuse it. If you get a sufficient number of reports of abuse—well-founded or not—an algorithm kicks in shutting down your entire account until a human can hear the appeal. It is nice to deal with the spambots who come in on a regular basis, but it has been commonly used as a method of suppression of speech one merely doesn’t like. We call this the Twitter Gulag.

You can read much more about it, here. Now previously when Dana Loesch’s husband, Chris, was “gulaged” people started using the hashtag #FreeChrisLoesch. So how about people start tweeting #FreeBloggersDefense? Let’s show Twitter how we feel about this.

I did.  If you’re not sure how to word your Tweet to the powers-that-be at Twitter, check out these examples.

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