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Helter Skelter: Coming Down Fast

24 August 2012 @ 10:41

Both Stacy McCain and Smitty have up very thoughtful and insightful posts [here and here, respectively] regarding the Race Hucksterism on naked display in two recent articles by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jamelle Bouie.

I strongly urge you to take the time and read them both [by perusing the latter, you'll also get to enjoy a nice Fisking, as well]. It will have the added benefit of making the context of my following comments clearer. Know this beforehand: both Coates and Bouie are fools, but they serve insidious masters — those who want to Balkanize American Society. Their ideas are dangerous.

At one point Coates writes:

And even if white folks could moderate their own penchant for violence, we could not moderate our own. A long-suffering life on the wrong side of the color line had denuded black people of the delicacy necessary to lead the free world.

AnonymousDrivel responded in the Comments section of Stacy’s post:

Who knew Coates could be so racist against, well, himself. Blacks are so manifestly "denuded" that they cannot control themselves from the violence within and, consequently, must behave irrationally, violently? I think that’s what he just said, but I guess I’m at the point of trying to read a cloud. A very dark cloud. I can’t tell if it’s a frog or a fire hydrant, but I’m sure it will bring some sort of thunder.

Coates is just being the good apparatchik he is.

The Inner Party wants to incite a racial and ethnic war in America and he’s merely one of the many fools tasked with carrying out the commands of the Leftist Inner Party, like [hilariously] George Soros.

Of course, Bouie and Obama are useful ignoramuses as well.

People like Coates, Bouie, and Obama are not deep thinkers or particularly reflective men. Their Leftist mentors understood this in the past just as their handlers now know for sure [and, in fact, neither had any desire for them to think too
deeply]. They, therefore, infused their brains with simplistic bromides that stuck in their uncreative brains and are the basis for all the unrelenting pablum they puke. [Another quality that the mentors and handlers exploited was that their tools tend towards Nihilism a self-hatred of their own lives that has metastasized into a hatred of all Human Beings, but that's a discussion for a different post.]

At one point, Stacy writes:

You “white folks” (yes, he uses that phrase) don’t wish to recline on the psychoanalyst’s couch while Ta-Nehisi Coates explains to you that every reason why you don’t support Obama, when viewed through the lens of history, is irredeemably racist. You “white folks” don’t appreciate your own need for this therapeutic experience.

Why not? Because you’re in denial about your intractable prejudices.

My Friend In The Ether, McGehee, comments:

And what, Mr. Coates, do you propose as a remedy? Total and uncomplaining support for everything Obama does? Because he’s black and I’m white, I have to be silent about my objections?

Do you, Mr. Coates, seriously propose that silencing the majority of the electorate on political matters because of their race — in effect, imposing a de facto repeal of the Voting Rights Act in reverse — will somehow make the issue of race better?

Neither Coates nor Obama nor any of the Left wants to make ‘the issue of race better’.

The Left cannot obtain power through legitimate means — the Soroses and Leo Gerards know this — so they seek to sow Chaos via racial and ethnic divisions and class warfare — to name but three methods in a long list. The Inner Leftist Circle knows it must bring Western Civilization crashing down in series of violent blasts. Their intention is to build their Utopia, their Heaven On Earth, on top of the rubble, riding in like valient knights who will restore order [at the point of a gun].

Only the Dupes [the lowest of the slow in the Leftist camp] actually believe their fellow Leftists can achieve their ends without violence, without the concentration camps, without the shedding of blood. The puppetmasters know different.

In his post, Smitty writes:

…the Raaaaacism Industrial Complex (RIC) derives too much power from the status quo, that’s why. This is not to say that there wasn’t:

  • A massive historical example of racism known as slavery.
  • A 1787 Constitution that horribly enshrined the evil of slavery.
  • A bloody Civil War fought to correct the injustice of slavery.
  • A Civil Rights movement, led by Republicans like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., leading to a Civil Rights Act championed by Republicans like Donald Rumsfeld.

Now, I’m not going to contend that you can’t find some Nazi-tattooed jackwagon in a compound somewhere ranting on about our precious bodily fluids. But the RIC is so far out there, I would be unsurprised to discover that the RIC supports the neo-AZI swine. Because if integrity is just another abstraction, anything is possible. However, as a veteran who has served with the entire rainbow spectrum of Americans, across the country and around the world, I’d like to share six letters:


…Racism and the RIC have got to go.

As long as Leftism exists and is seen as a legitimate philosophy worth listening to, the RIC will exist, because dividing the Society, sowing Chaos, is an essential component of the Leftist plan to build their Utopia, to Immanentize The Eschaton — it is one of the necessary first stages.

The Left knows it cannot succeed in America through legitimate and ethical means — Americans resist such attempts — so it seeks to undermine our Society by pandering to the worst [the fallen] angels of our nature. And in a Culture that has been dragged [of it's own Free
Will] into the gutter, this easily occurs [Could This Be One

If we truly want to see The United States restored to what it is supposed to be, it is imperative that we refuse to play by the Left’s rules, that we refuse to grant legitimacy to their perverse Narrative.

One Final Point: That such people as Coates and Bouie can be excepted as legitimate thinks, worthy of anyone’s time, is another sign of The Present Crisis.

SIDENOTE1: Adjoran makes a damn good point in the Comments section of Stacy’s post:

Name a kid "Ta-Nehisi" or "Jamelle" and you shouldn’t be surprised they grow up to be a race-raging punk.

SIDENOTE2: For you youts: here’s the background on Helter Skelter.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    24 August 2012 @ 12:21 12:21

    Stuff like this is why I’m heavily preparing to resist indocyotination this coming year. I must be nuts, returning to college in an election year.

    Ah, well, King Banyan (of SCSU Scholars fame) teaches here.

    • indyjonesouthere permalink
      24 August 2012 @ 12:57 12:57

      King Banian is in the state legislature now…I believe he is on leave from SCSU. I graduated from there in the early 70’s after a tour in RVN.

  2. indyjonesouthere permalink
    24 August 2012 @ 12:54 12:54

    At some point a person would think that Holder’s people had finally hit rock bottom but no, they keep digging. One quick look at the FBI crime statistics would show they account for over half of the murders, rapes and robberies in this country. And most of those are committed against their own people. That is self destruction but they can’t come to terms with that idea. Obamas blame game is par for the course in black america and when the government freebies end they will riot and who doesn’t have this figured out. This is why wise people heavily arm their families and homes as they know this shit is coming. Rodney King has barely cooled down and here comes another fucked up generation of “you owe me” blacks. This time they will likely merge with the islamist and burn more shit. Politicians have been buying peace from these dregs for years in return for votes. This shit will end and they are going to understand the idea of “boat people”.

  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    24 August 2012 @ 17:14 17:14

    This is just another attempt by the Winston Smith Media to shut down criticism of Obamsky by making any negative characterization of him raaaaacist and there fore off limits. Fortunately it seems the more they try this tactic the less effective it is. This of course enrages Al Sharpton and the other racialists raising the pitch of their shrieking ever higher. With any luck this will damage their vocal cords and exhaustion from their tantrums will leave them lying on the sidewalk their vocal cords cracked and bleeding, croaking barely audible, raaaaacist..raaaaacist like the demented mantra it is. Meanwhile we’ll just step over them like any other derelict and be about our business.

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