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Liz Warren: The Loathsome Dove

23 August 2012 @ 10:46

Massachusetts Senate Candidate and pseudo-Injun Elizabeth Warren now claims, in light of the Todd Akin situation, that Senator Scott Brown is a really, really nasty and gosh darn awful human being…

From radio talk show host and columnist Michael Graham, we learn:

“Scott Brown and other Republicans want to pretend Todd Akin is an isolated individual, but he is clearly in line with the Republican agenda,” Warren said in a statement.

And what, according to Warren, is that agenda?

“To limit access to health care. . . to select a vice presidential nominee someone who co-sponsored legislation with Rep. Akin to ‘redefine rape,’ ” Warren says.

Got that, ladies? Forget Brown’s record, forget his denunciation of this Akin dope, forget how he’s actually lived his entire life: Scott Brown hates women! He’s soft on rape! Run before he molests you himself!

Forget that Scott Brown was raped repeatedly and molested by a camp counselor too! Obviously, because he’s a [eek!] Republican and [shudder] a man, he’s as bad as an actual raaaaapist [there are five a's in rapist].

I’m no fan of Senator Brown, but this is vile and disgusting.

Smitty comments:

Maybe we should pity Warren; she seems to think that conservatives, have a Borg-like thought process. Conservatives no more think exactly alike than conservatives think that Senate seats are linked to any specific occupant. Bless her heart, she may not be capable of conceiving of liberty and independent thought….

Oh, I think we know the answer to that: Warren is just another one of those people who really believes she is a lot smarter than she actually is. And those Leftists around her, be they mentors or comrades, have always reinforced her belief because (1) all Leftists see themselves as the only people who know THE ANSWER, who have the True Wisdom and (2) in their deeply embedded intellectual insecurity [a trait they all share], these Progressives always need to practice group massaging of their fragile hold on their ideology.

Over at Legal Insurrection, Anne Sorock reminds us that Martha Coakley played the ‘Rape Card’ against the Senator back in 2010.

The Collins English Dictionary [2003] defines the word ‘vile’ this way:

1. abominably wicked; shameful or evil
2. morally despicable; ignoble
3. disgusting to the senses or emotions; foul
4. tending to humiliate or degrade
5. unpleasant or bad
6. paltry

All of those definitions apply here.

  1. Rosalie permalink
    23 August 2012 @ 13:34 13:34

    All of those definitions apply to the Left in general.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    23 August 2012 @ 15:48 15:48

    “We are in for a desperately stupid summer.”:Hunter S. Thompson:

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