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College Insurrection: First Blood

22 August 2012 @ 17:44

The Prof, William Jacobson, Dean of Legal Insurrection, has launched a new subsidiary site: College Insurrection.

If it even has half the mojo LI has, it’s going to be a great joint to hang-out at.

From the Welcome post:

One of our goals is to give conservative and libertarian student writers a larger platform and audience.

To that end, we will link regularly to college conservative and libertarian publications, listed in the Student Blogroll in the sidebar. If we have missed a publication, send me an email and we will add it.

Additionally, we welcome guest posts from students and faculty at the college and graduate school level, particularly at schools which do not have a separate conservative or libertarian publication. We have implemented a portal in which guest posts can be submitted in the form of a WordPress post. The link is in the sidebar just below my image.

And so here we are. The lights are on, the door is open, we built it and hopefully people will come. Help spread the word by using the Twitter and Facebook share buttons.

Spread the word, but also make it one of your daily stop — do it for the children!

[Tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain]

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