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Must-Read Mandy: New Leftist Thug Org Formed

18 August 2012 @ 18:09

Over at Breitbart, Mandy Nagy [aka: @Liberty_Chick] reports on the latest attempts by the Left to seek-and-destroy anyone who aids and supports the Right.

Her introduction:

The non-profit American Bridge 21st Century foundation, created by Media Matters founder David Brock, is launching a new watchdog group to delve deep into conservative groups and those who fund them. The Bridge Project will operate alongside the Democratic super PAC American Bridge, according to Yahoo News.

The aim is three-fold: The Bridge Project plans to operate as a source of rapid response to political ads launched by Republican-friendly outside groups, track donations to these groups from conservative donors by reviewing tax filings and other public documents, and serve as a research organization that will file regular public policy briefings.

The group, which has directed research teams to build databases on several conservative groups, will use the website to disseminate the information. The new site will regularly highlight ads from conservative groups and detailed profiles on the individual donors who fund them.

“We hope the Bridge Project will serve as an important resource for the public by providing them with concrete facts on all aspects of the conservative movement,” Bridge Project Communications Director Chris Harris told Yahoo News.

One wonders what Brock envisions by “building databases” and highlighting “detailed profiles on the individual donors who fund them.” The language is eerily similar to that associated with a disturbing research project that was revealed through another Media Matters initiative.

Earlier this year, the Daily Caller exposed a memo from then MMFA executive Karl Frisch, which outlined the conservative media watchdog’s strategy for attacking what it perceived as the primary enemy to the Obama administration and “the progressive movement as a whole” – FOX News. Given Brock’s track record and that of Media Matters, which includes the use of private investigators, it would not be unreasonable for conservative groups and donors to expect the same treatment as the organization’s assault on FOX News revealed. Per the Daily Caller article:

What Frisch proceeded to suggest, however, went well beyond what legitimate presidential campaigns attempt. “We should hire private investigators to look into the personal lives of Fox News anchors, hosts, reporters, prominent contributors, senior network and corporate staff,” he wrote.

After that, Frisch argued, should come the legal assault: “We should look into contracting with a major law firm to study any available legal actions that can be taken against Fox News, from a class action law suit to defamation claims for those wronged by the network. I imagine this would be difficult but the right law firm is bound to find some legal ground for us to take action against the network.” […]

“We should also hire a team of trackers to stake out private and public events with Fox News anchors, hosts, reporters, prominent contributors and senior network/corporate staff.” […]

The memo goes on to suggest new and unusual ways to harass Fox News: “detailed opposition research” on the network’s staff and executives, attacks against Fox News employees on Facebook and other social media, mailing anti-Fox News literature to their homes and placing “yard signs and outdoor advertising in their neighborhoods.”

Efforts like Brock’s may claim to be merely about “correcting misinformation” and “providing facts,” but as the Daily Caller exposé of Media Matters revealed, that is not exactly what’s been practiced, in reality. Instead, the activities have delved into the personal lives of private citizens who work for a particular corporation.

What’s worse, such activities often trigger a domino effect of harassment from other progressive groups and individuals against anyone who happen to hold an opposing political view.

Over the past year, even conservative bloggers and activists have become victims of aggressive and vicious left wing dirty tricks – smear campaigns, online harassment and intrusive investigative tactics – not unlike those described in the MMFA memo. Several have even become the targets of nuisance “lawfare” actions.

I urge you to take the time to click here and read all of this well-done report — it is imperative that we keep track of what our enemies aare up to so we can prepare ourselves for the assaults to come.

What we are seeing here is a plan by the Left to silence all opposition to it’s programs and politicians via scare tactics.  The idea is to intimidate us into silence by picking choice targets and destroying their reputations and livelihoods as a warning to the rest of us to keep out mouths shut and our keyboards unused.

As any student of Soviet / Eastern Bloc Communism and National Socialism will tell you, this Leftist strategy is the exact same as used by the Communists and Nazis.  The Left knows this and doesn’t give a good Goddamn about it’s pedigree because they have rejected Morality and Absolute Truth.  Anything is permissible when you reject all self-restraint.

Could This Be One Explanation?

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    18 August 2012 @ 19:43 19:43

    OTOH it’s good that leftists actually form and join organizations. Having lists or Tories will come in handy when the time comes.

    • 19 August 2012 @ 18:28 18:28

      I’m a Tory.

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        19 August 2012 @ 19:19 19:19

        No your not at least not as the word was used by our founders.

        • 19 August 2012 @ 19:54 19:54

          From Wikipedia:
          The word “Tory” derives from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe; modern Irish tóraí: outlaw, robber or brigand, from the Irish word tóir, meaning “pursuit”, since outlaws were “pursued men”.[1][2] It was originally used to refer to an Irish outlaw and later applied to Confederates or Royalists in arms.[3] The term was thus originally a term of abuse, “an Irish rebel”, before being adopted as a political label in the same way as Whig.

          The OED agrees with the above.

          I AM OUTLAW!

  2. 19 August 2012 @ 02:44 02:44

    Reblogged this on Catholibertarian and commented:
    The Left continues the policies of bullying. No, the intolerant Left doesn’t believe in respecting people who disagree with them on the issues. Progressives/Socialist/Marxists/Communists want to eliminate anyone who disagrees with their views. It is so sad how the U.S. has been infiltrated by Marxists.

  3. 19 August 2012 @ 07:52 07:52

    Is this one tax exempt too?
    What do you think would happen if the right pulled thee same scams?

  4. Rosalie permalink
    19 August 2012 @ 13:07 13:07

    You’re right about being prepared. And if it weren’t for blogs, how would anyone know these things are even happening most of the time? We didn’t find out about Aaron Worthing and Patterico from CNN or Fox News.

  5. 20 August 2012 @ 12:47 12:47

    Ha! Another Truth Team. Newsflash for those who don’t seem to catch on: we’re a lot that doesn’t scare easy. Instead we just get mad, and work harder. The more groups they form, the more fodder they give us.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      20 August 2012 @ 13:17 13:17

      Spoken like a true Wolverine!


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