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Fear And Loathing 2012: ‘Don’t Tread’ In Ohio

14 August 2012 @ 19:57

Stacy McCain is finally back on the road again and this time he’s in Ohio stalking, er, following Willard M. Romney around.

It’s good to see him back in his element and I’m sure we can expect the same high level of Gonzo Reporting we’re used to from The Road Man For The Lords Of Karma.

He’s filed two reports so far…

-Per usual the first was written just before he left.  In it he provides Willard’s schedule, which will be his schedule, and offers this prediction of what the MSM’s coverage of the candidate’s visit to Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl will be like:

The national press will find some way to turn this into Another Shocking Scandal: Why is “Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl” owned by a guy named Bill? And isn’t it true that this “free” ice cream is being paid for with money Romney stole from laid-off steel workers? Surely that stuff’s included in the 290-page MMFA super-PAC oppo-research dossier, right?

Laid-off steel workers whose wives have cancer, I’m sure, and who.

The second was filed this afternoon from Lancaster and contains four Updates so far, and some pics from the rally with the coal miners.  A highlight:

Romney campaigned across eastern Ohio today, beginning with a midday event at a coal mine in Beallsville, where he appeared onstage with dozens of hardhat-wearing coal miners in front of a banner proclaiming “Coal Country Stands for Mitt.” Obama’s environmental and energy policies are widely viewed as hostile to the coal industry, and the miners wore stickers that said, “Stop Obama’s War on Coal.”

Appearing at the American Energy Company mine, Romney promised the miners he would promote U.S. energy independence from foreign sources: “We have 250 years of coal, why the heck wouldn’t we use it?”

One can only hope that this is a sign that union members are going to buck their Socialist [and in Trumka’s case: Communist] leaders and vote against the crew that wants to make them slaves of the state and destroy their families.

-Do keep checking over at Stacy’s joint for more.

How I stand vis-à-vis the law at any given moment depends on the law. The law can change from state to state, from nation to nation, from city to city. I guess I have to go by a higher law. … Yeah, I consider myself a road man for the lords of karma.

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