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Are You Going To Believe Me Or Your Ryan Eyes? [Updated Below]

13 August 2012 @ 14:49

Since yesterday, I’ve been sailing through The Ether on a skiff made of burnt-out Chevy Volts reading and pondering what’s been written about Willard M. Romney’s selection of Paul Davis Ryan to be his running mate…

-I think all on the Right agree [along with some on the Left] that this is now the best coiffured ticket in American History, perhaps in the history of the whole world.

-Let me state straight out of the box, that I think this was a good — perhaps very good — pick. So please take the bits of criticism that will follow in that light.

-Stacy McCain is justifiably proud of his efforts in the matter. A highlight:

Your Tweets — and you know who you are — definitely made a difference. As I explained Thursday, Romney’s people pay attention to their online metrics. Every Tweet to @MittRomney with #GiveUsRyan was a signal that Ryan was the grassroots consensus.

So far, only Nice Deb has acknowledged the difference you made. [Bob: That’s why she’s Nice Deb and not simply Just Plain Old Average Deb]

You may never get full credit, but as Ronald Reagan said, “You can accomplish much, if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

When your kids and grandkids ask someday, “How did Paul Ryan become vice president?” you can say, “I picked him!”

Even though the Romney Campaign says that Willard made his choice on his own at the beginning of the month, I have no doubt that the overwhelming response to the #GiveUsRyan quest made him and others in the Campaign more determined in the choice, so ‘Bravo’ to you all.

-Anyone who has ever had a conversation with Stacy knows that he is, shall we say, not one to hide his emotions. Such people, I have no doubt, will admit if pushed that he sometimes get’s carried away. He’s a passionate man who cares deeply for America. I bring all this up so to explain his…ah well, how to put it?…ahh…ummm…to explain his, uh, ‘gayish’ fascination with how ‘dreamy’ [his word, not f’ing mine] Paul Ryan is.

After quoting Michelle Malkin’s positive take on the choice, Stacy writes:

And she didn’t even mention his dreamy blue eyes!

Of course, the title of his post made his man-crush rather obvious. Hose the boy down.

Elect Dash Riprock and Frankie Avalon!

-Quin Hillyer’s initial reaction just hours after the announcement was made:

This is the very first time I have been highly enthused about a Republican ticket since 1984. I did LOVE the Kemp choice in 1996 when it was made, but it always had the air of desperation in a losing cause.

This one doesn’t.

-William Jacobson is quite happy with the choice and makes this important point in a post from this morning:

Ryan represents the adult in the room on fiscal issues, yet Democrats now are salivating to use Ryan’s nomination as a Mediscare tactic in states with high senior citizen percentages.

But this time it is different because of our precarious fiscal position. This is not your great grandmother’s Mediscare.

The Democratic Party electoral strategy in 2012 asks Grandparents to do something which is not in the natural order, to throw their grandchildren off a fiscal cliff.

Once grandparents understand what they are being asked to do, they will revolt against the Democrats’ revolting electoral strategy.

He links a column by Glenn Reynolds that reads in part:

…Ryan is the expert on the often Byzantine complexities of the federal budget. His budget proposal last year, though rejected by Democrats in the Senate, represented a serious effort to rein in runaway spending. The only cogent criticism, really, was that it didn’t go far enough.In fact, the math shows our spending is unsustainable. Nothing can save it: Not higher taxes, not lower interest rates on federal borrowing, not financial jiggery-pokery from the Fed. If we continue on this path, the result will be disaster: We’ll be Greece, with nuclear weapons.

Romney’s selection of Ryan shows that he understands the dire nature of the problem, and that he’s serious about addressing it. But it also lays down a marker.

If Americans take the future of their country seriously, they’ll reject the Obama approach, which has been disastrous, and elect Romney-Ryan, along with a substantial number of fiscally conservative members of Congress. That will give America a chance to avoid financial ruin.

-The past few days have been a time for celebration of Mr. Romney’s bold decision, but it’s time we confronted some uncomfortable facts about Paul Ryan: his voting record has not been stellar on some key issues, as Matt Lewis reminds us:

Though he talks like Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, some of Ryan’s most high-profile votes seem closer to Keynes than to Adam Smith. For example, in the span of about a year, Ryan committed fiscal conservative apostasy on three high-profile votes: The Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP (whereby the government purchased assets and equity from financial institutions), the auto-bailout (which essentially implied he agrees car companies – especially the ones with an auto plant in his district—are too big to fail), and for a confiscatory tax on CEO bonuses (which essentially says the government has the right to take away private property—if it doesn’t like you).

While Ryan’s overall voting record is very conservative, the problem with casting these high-profile votes is that they demonstrate he is willing to fundamentally reject conservatism when the heat is on.

He wrote that in a column back in 2010 [check out his latest here].

Don’t kid yourself into believing that the Left won’t make a series of ads and talking points about these God-awful votes of Mr Ryan. And, as far as some of us conservatives are concerned: Paul, you’ll have to answer for Santino.

-Jeff Goldstein makes some damn good points:

Paul Ryan, for whatever his voting record, is nevertheless at least an articulate voice for the conservative movement message — however pragmatic he tends to be in how he determines it can be implemented on the policy level. And for this reason, he will naturally be portrayed by the left and the media as a “severely conservative extreme Republican” — despite his being far less conservative in his messaging than, say, a Bachmann or a Palin or a Rand Paul or a Jim DeMint.

This is all apiece to re-calibrating the political spectrum leftward — and it is a trap too many “conservative” commentators willingly fall into.

I have to run now, but I’ll be updating this post later with more aggregation and my analysis.

UPDATE at 1947…

-From Breitbart News, we learn:

David Brock, head of the progressive, left-wing media “watchdog” group Media Matters, has released an opposition research book on Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan through Brock’s super PAC American Bridge 21st Century.

Brock’s American Bridge super PAC is also tied to Bill Burton’s super PAC, Priorities USA. As you may recall, Priorities USA recently ran an ad accusing Mitt Romney of killing Joe Soptic’s wife, a claim also tied directly to the Obama campaign. Due to initial lackluster fundraising by both Brock’s and Burton’s super PACs, they combined to form American Priorities Joint Fundraising Committee. Obama’s super PACs have no problem getting into the campaign mud.

If you follow this link, you’ll see the full document displayed as a Scribd item.  At the bottom of that is an option to download Brock’s book as a PDF file.

Stacy filed a report this morning, over at The American Spectator, about what he witnessed covering the Romney/Ryan Rally on Saturday in Manassas, Virginia, some background on Mr. Ryan, and the reaction of the Left.  A highlight:

The boldness of Romney’s choice surprised some, including the mysterious blogger Allahpundit at the popular conservative Hot Air site, who invoked a science fiction analogy: “It’s like watching C-3PO lead the raid on the Death Star.” (This comparison of Romney to C-3PO, the comically effete robot of the Star Wars film series, might dismay Democrats who have spent the past several weeks trying to convince voters that Romney is actually Darth Vader.) In choosing Ryan, Romney was seen as making a bid for Tea Party support while also signaling his intent to focus the fall campaign on the economic and fiscal issues that are Ryan’s speciality. Democrats and liberal pundits immediately began chattering about what a disastrous choice Romney had made. Obama adviser David Axelrod called Ryan’s views “extreme” and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell declared that Ryan is “not a pick for suburban moms, not a pick for women.” Mitchell’s opinion was certainly not shared by the many suburban moms who turned out Saturday for the Romney-Ryan rally in Manassas. Female enthusiasm for the tall, dark, blue-eyed Irishman caused me to remark that Ryan’s Secret Service code name should be “Dreamy.”

What the Hell does Andrea Mitchell know about suburban moms?  She has spent her whole adult life in the womb of the East Coast Elite Establishment [the only place where abortion is rare in Leftist World].  When was the last time she and Alan went to the local Wal-Mart or Stop & Shop?

You can read Doug Powers’s takedown of Mzzzz. Greenspan here.  And Stacy’s companion post to his TAS report here.

Michelle Malkin is happy about the Ryan pick:

Yes. PHEW.

After a week marred by a not-ready-for-prime-time staffer who had movement conservatives questioning Team Romney’s competence, sanity, and willingness to fight the brass-knuckles White House and Chicago thug operatives, the Romney campaign made the right decision.

And the Right decision.

Fittingly, the motto of the USS Wisconsin on which Romney/Ryan made their announcement is “Forward for Freedom.”

-Taylor Bigler has written a lovely introductory article on Paul Ryan’s wife, Janna.

-Sarah Palin has posted congratulations over on her Facebook page, along with a reminder of what’s at stake in this election.  A highlight [tip of the fedora to Tony Lee]:

Congratulations to Mitt Romney on his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. President Obama has declared that this election is about “two fundamentally different visions” for America. Goodness, he’s got that right. Our country cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama’s fundamentally flawed vision. We must now look to this new team, the Romney/Ryan ticket, to provide an alternate vision of an America that is fiscally responsible, strong, and prosperous – an America that understands and is proud of her exceptional place in the world and will respect those who fight to secure that exceptionalism, which includes keeping our promises to our veterans.

When I think about the direction our country is rapidly drifting in, I can’t help but look at California as a cautionary tale. The Golden State once boasted the entrepreneurial innovation of Silicon Valley, the American creative engine of the arts, economically powerful and beautiful cities from San Francisco to San Diego, and fertile farmlands that helped feed the nation. Now it is descending into financial ruin accompanied by an exodus of middle class Californians leaving for other states. As one writer put it, California’s “fastest-growing entity is government and its biggest product is red tape.”

Obama’s vision for America will make the rest of the country look like California, minus the beautiful scenery and warm weather.

Obama’s America is today’s California….

Please continue to focus on the presidential race and on helping Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but it’s also imperative that we get involved in the nation’s important House and Senate races. These candidates need our help to ensure that our next president has a responsible and ethical Congress that actually gets things done for America. Now on to November!

Please do take the time to click here and read the rest.

-It will be very interesting to see how Willard and his Campaign handle Paul Ryan.  They’ve chosen a dynamic fellow who can win debates the Left [in some cases, utterly crushing his opponents with his Reason].  Will the Campaign and the candidate be inspired by the dynamism in their midst.  Or will Willard wimp out like he does most of the time.  Is he committed now, finally to waging the kind of war that is needed against the immoral Left, or will he continue to fight as if he was in an old, conventional war.  Barack Hussein Obama is not some ‘misguided’ man; he is someone bent on destroying everything The United States stands for.  Do you get this, Mr. Romney?

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