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Obamaism Causes Real Cancer [Updated Below]

08 August 2012 @ 14:41

I’m sure most, if not all, of you have heard the story of the latest anti-Romney ad that accuses him of causing a woman to die of Stage IV cancer because she did not have health insurance because her husband had lost his job at a company owned by Bain Capital.

Within hours of it airing, it was debunked by both conservative blogs and publications, and even by Leftist CNN. From Doug Powers:

Romney left Bain in 1999. GST Steel declared bankruptcy in 2001. The woman mentioned in the ad died in 2006 — seven years after Romney left Bain and five years after Soptic was laid off. Who was running Bain when the man lost his job? A high dollar Obama campaign bundler. They keep leaving that part out. Update: According to CNN, not mentioned in the ad is the fact that during the time after Soptic lost his job, his wife had her own job with health insurance coverage.

If you haven’t seen the ad, Doug has it here.

Stacy McCain sums up my feelings exactly:

That’s not just scraping the bottom of the barrel. It’s scraping all the way through the barrel bottom, through the layer of putrid slime underneath the barrel, burrowing all the way into the cesspool below and then digging until you reach the Earth’s molten core.

Now, this vile smear is so blatantly false and finding the truth about it so easy, I can only assume Priorities USA and the Obama Campaign* were aiming (1) to reach those Mushy Middle Voters who can’t be bothered to look at or read anything but headlines and (2) their own unquestioning apparatchiks on the Left. They can’t be so stupid as to think the rest of us will be swayed against Willard by an ad that, even if you aren’t aware of the truth, looks so hysterical on it’s face [if, by chance, some of the more informed were having an off-day and were not exposed to the truth and this slander ended up making them vote for Obama, then that would be gravy for Team Obama].

In her column of today, Michelle Malkin, in her own words, ‘contrasts the phony Romney-killed-a-steelworker’s-wife fable from Obama’s sleazy SuperPAC with the actual stories of economic havoc that Obama’s union-pandering administration wrought on thousands of Delphi workers’.

Unlike the foul ad by Priorities USA [question: does the ‘USA’ in their name really stand for ‘Utopia, Socialism, Annihilation’?], Mrs. Malkin quotes real people who have suffered real hardships thanks to Obama’s Fascist takeover of General Motors. A highlight:

Through two costly years of litigation and investigation, the Delphi workers have exposed how the stacked White House Auto Task Force schemed with union bosses to “cherry pick” (one Obama official’s own words) which financial obligations the new Government Motors company would assume and which they would abandon based on their political expedience. Obama’s own former auto czar Steve Rattner admitted in his recent memoir that “attacking the union’s sacred cow” could “jeopardize” the auto bailout deal.

In June, 20 months after a federal judge first ordered the government to cooperate, the Delphi Salaried Retirees Association broke through the administration’s information stonewall and dislodged 62,000 pages of documents in their lawsuit to right the administration’s wrongs. As Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller reported on Tuesday, the documents included “internal government emails (that contradicted) sworn testimony, in federal court and before Congress, given by several Obama administration figures. They also indicate that the administration misled lawmakers and the courts … and that administration figures violated federal law.”

Those ‘contradictions that Mrs. Malkin mentions have another name: perjury.

At the end of his post on this story, Doug Powers quotes from CNN’s report and comments:

“While this is a heart-wrenching story, it’s not accurate.” Not accurate? Try three notches below shameless.

‘Not accurate’, ‘Shameless’ — no, it is an outright, bald-faced LIE.

UPDATE at 1743…

-Stacy McCain has the press release here from Team Willard in response to the ad.

-Adjoran’s comments from that post and the one by Stacy I linked to above are both worth quoting in full:

Going back to Clinton’s “spinmeisters” being allowed to lie and twist every angle without challenge from the press, the Democrats have pushed the envelope to see just how far they can go with their lies before their compliant lap dogs in the press won’t go along. For nearly 20 years, they’ve found no limit.

As the intellectual father of today’s Democratic Party, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, advised, “Push and probe. As long as you encounter mush, keep pushing.”

It seems they may have finally crossed the line of lying which even the leftist press will not abide with Reid’s smear on taxes and this horrendous ad – and their lying about it.

We shall see. But when even an MSNBC panel which would have been approved by the Soviet Politburo balks at defending Reid, we may indeed be near the tipping point.

And make no mistake: if Democrats are EVER held to account for the truthfulness of their advertising and claims, they are doomed.


The other salient fact being overlooked in this pack of outrageous lies is that without Bain’s intervention, the steel mill would have closed SOONER. So there is not a shred of truth in it at any level at all.

Lying comes with the communist territory, and let there be no mistake who has taken over the Democratic Party – lock, stock, and barrel. These are not your father’s Democrats.

In the first comment, methinks Adj is feeling too optimistic.  While a few in the MSM may say enough is enough, they’ll be small in number and denounced quickly enough by the majority, who are nothing but robotic servants of the Leftist god.

As for Adj’s second comment: the takeover of the Democratic Party by the Radical Left was completed in the 1990’s, although it has had a very strong presence since FDR.

*I have no doubt that the two, though it’s illegal, have
and do cooordinate their efforts. Some circumstantial
evidence from John Sexton
over at Breitbart:
Titled “Understands” the ad features Joe Soptic
describing how Mitt Romney is responsible for his
wife’s death from lung cancer. … If Soptic looks
familiar that’s because he was one of the narrators of
the ads the Obama campaign. You
may remember it as the ad where one of Soptic’s
co-workers compares Bain Capital to a “vampire.” The
new ad is by Priorities USA, an Obama approved
SuperPAC. Priorities USA is prevented by law from
coordinating its activity with the Obama campaign, but
this ad is clearly meant to look like a continuation of
the previous Obama campaign ad. Soptic is even
wearing the same grey shirt he wore in the previous ad.
And the claim about the death of his wife has been
part of an Obama for America slideshow for months.

  1. 08 August 2012 @ 17:58 17:58

    Without a doubt, that was the most despicable political ad that I have seen in my lifetime.
    I hope Mr. Soptic understands that the DNC will treat him like a piece of toilet paper, when they are done using him, they will throw him away. Remember Cindy Sheehan??

    • 08 August 2012 @ 19:23 19:23

      Exactly. The Left cares more about ideas then it does indvidual human beings. People are either ‘useful’ or not [ie: ‘unpersons’].

      BTW: Cindy Sheehan is Roseanne’s official VP running mate. Two pissheads in a pod, as it were.

      • theebl permalink
        09 August 2012 @ 04:03 04:03

        A disgusting ad. I wish Romney could start treating Obama like he treated Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum.

        • thecampofthesaints permalink
          09 August 2012 @ 07:43 07:43

          But…but…Willard believes that Obama is just a ‘misguided fellow’!


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