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Sikh Shooting: Don’t Buy The Leftist Lies

06 August 2012 @ 19:48

For nearly eighty years now, the Left has engaged in one of the most successful Big Lie campaigns in it’s history.

They have been able to get the vast majority of the people who have lived in this country [and in the other countries of The West] since the 1930’s to believe that Fascism is a Right Wing system of belief.  The Left has deftly convinced Americans that Fascism is nothing like Communism, that the former is crude, militantly nationalistic, and only interested in absolute power and brutal control [‘Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles…’], whereas Communism / Socialism is merely seeking to bring about Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity [‘Imagine no possessions…’].  Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth: Fascism is merely a transitional stage between mild Statism [Modern Liberalism] and Socialism.  In other words, it is decidedly a belief system of the Left — grown as it was in the sterile laboratories located in the minds of Leftists like Benito Mussolini. 

In it’s successful effort to distance itself from Herr Hitler and Il Duce, the Communist Propaganda Machine was able to get people to see Fascism as a Right Wing phenomenon, and this has the benefit of allowing them to label any conservative a Fascist at will — a very useful tool in politics, as we have seen.  The Progressives in America have adopted this practice, kept this meme alive.  Because of World War II, people have ever since associated Fascism with the Nazis, so, therefore, anytime you accuse a person on the Right of being a Fascist, a certain set of images enters the brainwashed mind of the hearer.

The Truth, of course, is quite different, but, as we have learned the hard way, the Left believes that Truth is relative and is only useful as a servant for their ends.

The above introduction is the necessary lead-in to the following…

The man who murdered innocent Sikh’s yesterday in Wisconsin, Wade Michael Page, is being described by law enforcement officials as a ‘Neo-Nazi’ and ‘White Supremacist’.  All the indications so far are that he was.

In many people’s minds, this automatically makes him a Right Winger.

Of course, this is how the droogies of the Left, who mindlessly repeat the pablum-filled bromides of their thinkers, feel and they have expended much energy in making this point endlessly over the past day, and will, I’m sure, continue to do so forever and a day.  William Jacobson is spot-on:

Needless to say, the MSM and left-blogosphere have concluded the shooter was a white supremacist/neo-Nazi based on tattoos and being a former member of what they describe as a “skinhead” band — which they then obscenely generalize to be “right-wing,” a way of trying to link him to the political right. This is the age-old tactic. If Page was a white supremacist/neo-Nazi/skinhead, then he stood against everything the political right stands for.

Then there is, of course, the Mushy Middle, the Ignoramentariot, those people who can not be bothered to do the homework required to be a proper citizen because it would interfere with their funtime, just ‘know’ that Neo-Nazi = Right Wing = conservative and that White Supremacist = Right Wing = conservative.   I mean, come on man, we all know it’s, like, true — it’s a given, every body knows this.

That leaves those on the Right.  And they are divided into two camps: those who, like myself and probably like you, know the Truth that Page was a Leftist and those timid and weak souls who are willing to cede the field to the Left.  Stacy McCain describes the latter very well:

The timid defensiveness of some conservatives — who run away screaming the minute they hear the word “racism” spoken aloud — is the exact opposite of political wisdom. Having been so often and so unfairly accused of “hate,” they have internalized their liberal antagonists’ worldview to such a degree that they pre-emptively fear the smear:

“Oh, let’s denounce the crime, then move on and ignore it, because we might be targeted with a guilt-by-association smear attempting to connect us with this tattooed skinhead freak we never heard of until he killed six people.”

Not only is this reaction gutless — needlessly defensive — but it makes conservatives look like shameless political opportunists: If the guy who killed the Sikhs had been an Occupier or an Islamic jihadi, the right-wing blogosphere would have been raising hell. So when the shooter turns out to be somebody categorized as a right-winger, conservatives are not going to score any points for integrity and courage by whining that this is unfair and then trying to ignore it.

When the Left does this, we automatically notice it, don’t we?

In a comment, Stacy writes:

I’m watching the aggregations at Memeorandum: Left-wing blogs are piling onto the neo-Nazi skinhead angle, while those on the right … well, not so much. It is a slight but noticeable flinch reaction, and one that bugs me.

Me too. This is one of those moments when we should be refusing to go along with the Leftist Narrative and keep stressing the Truth Narrative: that anyone who believes that Nazism is good for the world and that anyone who believes it okay to judge someone’s worthiness based solely on their skin color and who would use force to achieve to compel everyone to go along with such a belief system is a Totalitarian. And Totalitarianism is a feature only of the Left.

It is time we stand athwart the Leftist Narrative that we’ve allowed to monopolize all discussion for over a century and yell ‘Stop!…Enough!’

[at 2021: Thanks to Evi for the linkage]

  1. theebl permalink
    06 August 2012 @ 20:04 20:04

    Well said. I linked you.

    I know the left loves to lie about this, but we all hate Nazis. Truly. Some of us even have relatives who actually fought them and honor what they did to defeat them.

  2. sulli159 permalink
    07 August 2012 @ 07:09 07:09

    Goes to show how misinformed the left and the MSM are. But even if they knew the truth it would not be reported. The Nazis and the muslims both have at least the one main and common denominator in that they both hate Jews. In WWII the mufti of Jerusalem made a pact with Hitler and had their own Nazi soldiers and death camps in Bosnia where they managed to exterminate tens of thousands of Jews. Protests of Israel attacking Hamas in the Gaza conflict, the muslims in the US were carrying signs like “bring back the ovens, God bless Hitler etc……; the Egyptian protestors were also waving Nazi signs; the neo-Nazi of Germany today are joining forces with the muslims and David Duke recently traveled to Iran to visit Ahmadinejad. Be waring of anything the SPLC spew out; another ambulance chasing lawyer spin off of the NAACP.

    (Waiting for one of our side investigator journalists to get the real truth out about this). Not that I have any respect for the white supremist movement but a suicide mission like this doesn’t add up with their MO.


  3. 07 August 2012 @ 11:05 11:05

    Funny how so many atrocious people and atrocities who the left tries to connect to the right actually turn out to be OF THE LEFT, for example:

    Fred Phelps – DEMOCRAT (heavily connected to Al Gore’s father)
    Jared Loughner – LEFTIST
    Ted Kaczynski (Unibomber) – global warmist (that’s a LEFTY thing)
    Charles Manson – hippie cult leaders, also a global warmist
    Timothy McVeigh – connected to jihadis

    Has anyone else ever noticed certain things that totalitarians and ethnic supremacists always have in common (and that these things are NOT part of any CONSERVATIVE platform), such as the rabid antisemitism of: The New Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam, white supremacist neo-nazis, islamic supremacist sharia pushing jihad enablers, and the “Occupy” freaks?

    Every time the left points a grubby hate filled finger at the right for a LEFTIST atrocity, people on the right should stop cowering, stand up, and put a mirror in front of those jackasses.

  4. 08 August 2012 @ 15:17 15:17

    I’m glad you made this point. It deserves making and remaking over and over. The left owns neo-nazis, their very own. They’re both socialists, anti-human. A decisive truth. Thanks!


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