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It Ain’t Over Until The Stupid Lady Speaks

25 July 2012 @ 14:50

I, of course, am speaking of Amanda Marcotte.

Emerging from her bedroom dressed in her Hoodie-Footie pajamas, still clutching one of her several dozen stuffed animals and an empty quart of Ben & Jerry’s, bleary-eyed from watching all of Season III’s Sex And The City episodes in one sitting, Mzzz Marcotte apparently dragged herself to her Apple and fired off this Tweet:

It was desegregation that caused white America to believe that the government had stopped "protecting" them, and so they needed guns.

…okay…you can stop laughing now…come on, fellas….stop it…come on, I got some important stuff to tell you…stop it……….

Tip of the fedora to Smitty for braving the dank and dark corners of the Twitterverse and spotting that. He labels the statement ‘Breathtakingly Stupid’ and I cannot in any way disagree with his assessment.

It takes a lot to get the Admiral peeved, but, as you’ll see by reading his comments here, Manda managed to do it. A highlight:

Lord have mercy, Amanda: that is about the most jacked up, ahistorical, illogical pile of hooey I’ve heard since the last time #OccupyResoluteDesk opened his pie hole….

One quibble, Chris: that pile sure don’t smell like hooey.

In fact, our soon-to-be-best-selling author mentioned her in two more posts on the same day!

In the first, he advocates the hiring of Manda by The Whitey House.

In the second one, Smitty shows the connection between Mzzzz Marcotte and physics.

John Hoge is shaking his head, along with pointing out a very interesting fact about the NRA that I did not know.

I’ll give Stacy McCain the final word:

Popular conservative blogger Ace of Spades first enunciated The Marcotte Rule of Blogging: No public controversy is complete until Amanda Marcotte has made a complete fool of herself.

The significance of all this is that any political controversy resulting from the Colorado shooting is officially over, now that Amanda Marcotte has once again made a complete fool of herself.

It’s what she does best.

  1. 25 July 2012 @ 16:24 16:24

    By the time you get to the Amanda muffin bumpin scene most people are already blind from the donkey exhibition. Thank God.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    25 July 2012 @ 17:45 17:45

    She self beclowns amazingly well.

  3. 25 July 2012 @ 20:13 20:13

    I had to google to find out who Amanda Marcotte was/is.

    She could give a sack of hammers a good challenge for being the dumbest bag in the room.
    What an idiot.
    Can’t believe that anyone can take anything she writes as serious.

  4. Gatordoug permalink
    25 July 2012 @ 21:35 21:35

    EXCELLENT sir!

  5. 25 July 2012 @ 23:16 23:16

    Reblogged this on Among The Joshua Trees and commented:
    Amanda Marcotte.
    Please Lord would you smack this air head good and hard on the ass? It is where her brain seems to be located due to a severe case of cranial rectumitis…..
    ORPO1 Sends

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