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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+49: Brett Garbo Part II

13 July 2012 @ 10:05

Apologies for not updating my TBK Report of yesterday, The #BrettKimberlin Report D+48: He’s Got Greta Garbo Eyes, as I promised: Real Life™ intruded on several fronts. Herewith, is the Update…

-In commenting on the report by Stacy McCain I quoted yesterday, Dan Collins writes:

…Kimberlin learned that he could fool some of the people some of the time when he was in prison, claiming Dan Quayle had purchased drugs from him. Since then, he has recruited credulous fools, partisan cretins, and a bevvy of the emotionally unstable suckers that he has always employed for his purposes, beginning with the mother of the pre-teen girl he set his sights on back in the Seventies. Along the way, he has fashioned an alternate identity and placed it in an alternate universe of alternate truths, as Stacy outlines.

That alternate reality cannot functionally co-exist with people telling other versions based on the verifiable facts. Therefore, those people must be shut up, above all because they threaten his con, which is his livelihood….

This is the typical Leftist reaction when anyone has the temerity to question their rose-colored scenarios, when the Right threatens to smash the fragile fun house mirror that reflects the Left’s thinking.

-John Hoge offers this dry take:

Of course, Brett Kimberlin wants to be left alone. Shining the light of truth in his direction exposes who he was and still appears to be, and that doesn’t fit his business model.

BTW: John was there at the hearing in question where Kimberlin went the Full Garbo and he claims — offering no proof whatsoever — that my report that a Waaahmbulance was not waiting for Brett outside the courthouse was false. I am outraged.

-Aaron Walker’s partial transcript of the hearing may be found here.

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