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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+46: Alex Pareene – Amateur

10 July 2012 @ 20:32

Alex Pareene, a writer for Salon, has written a report on Brett Kimberlin and those on the Right who are seeking to expose the convicted domestic terrorist for who he is and his involvement in what appears to be coordinated acts of Leftist Thuggery.

The title and sub-head of the piece gives you a good indication of where Pareene is coming from:

Brett Kimberlin versus right-wing bloggers:
Why are right-wing blogs obsessed with a convicted felon famous for once claiming he sold Dan Quayle drugs?

Considering the fact that Mr. Quayle has hardly been mentioned in the Right’s coverage of the Kimberlin/Rauhauser Cell, the fact that the writer puts emphasis on this small and fairly insignificant aspect of the affair, and by implication tries to makes it seem as if we are engaged in a form of payback for a long-forgotten transgression by a Leftist, tells you that Pareene will not be doing a bit of actual reporting that seeks to be as objective as is humanly possible.  Rather, it signals that one should be ready to read an example of agitprop where the appearance of fairness will be actually only a diversion from the underlying message.  That message is clear: the Right Wing is deluded, silly, and, as always, evil, Kimberlin is an odd-ball [a ‘true American weirdo’ he calls him], but basically okay, and that sensible Leftists like himself can see through the blather — they are, obviously, The Enlightened Ones.

I forced myself to read this dreary amateur exercise in Leftist mis-direction and deception  [Alex, take my advice and go study someone like EJ Dionne, who has been puking the pablum for quite some time and knows how to be a professional apparatchik].  Ten minutes of my life gone with the effluviant wind.

The sloppiness of Pareene’s ‘reporting’ stands out starkly, as you can see by this example Patterico cites in his Fisking of the article:

Pareene did not bother to contact me for the piece, and he does not say that he attempted to contact any other victim of Kimberlin’s besides “charming neo-Confederate blogger Robert Stacy McCain.” But he did interview Kimberlin, and his post has many self-serving quotes from Kimberlin, complaining about being “Swift-boated” and about how this is all politics. And Pareene gets numerous facts flat-out wrong. For example, after describing my SWATting, Pareene says:

Erickson’s story was similar: Someone claimed there had been a shooting (this time accidental) at his home, and sheriff’s deputies showed up to investigate.

This displays Pareene’s lack of research, because the shooting reported by Erickson’s SWATter was most certainly not “accidental.” In fact, the caller said he had shot his wife, and ended the call by saying he was going to go shoot someone else. Erickson initially reported that the caller had said the shooting was accidental, based on a misstatement by one of the officers who responded to the scene. But the call has since been played — on CNN, no less — and Pareene apparently hasn’t bothered to listen to it.

One gets the feeling that he hasn’t performed a lot of the tasks any reporter is required to do.

The dismissive attitude shown by Pareene, that this is a ginned-up story, is on display throughout the piece, such as this part:

In other words, it’s an extensive legal fight between two self-important people I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of, except that it’s also the single most important First Amendment cause ever for a bunch of bloggers who will not be silenced by this Kimberlin guy!

Here Alex employs [not very astutely] the Leftist tactic of soft ridicule in an effort to downplay, degrade, and make sport of one of the most important issues in this saga.

Another example [notice the dismissive phrases used that seek to rob the situation of it’s seriousness]:

This Walker guy is a lawyer and minor (formerly pseudonymous) conservative blogger. He helped out a guy Kimberlin was suing — a DailyKos comment troll, as best as I can tell — with some legal advice….

‘As best I can tell’…you see it was obviously beneath Alex to find out the answer as to who Seth Allen is and what his reputation is because, don’t you know, this is a made-up kerfluffle, a childish bit of juvenile posturing by those wacky, but very evil, right wing nuts.

After he has spent sufficient time making light of the claims of the Right and delegitimatizing the true victims, Pareene resorts to outright lying, hoping you won’t notice, as in this example [emphasis mine]:

But most importantly, even if you don’t believe a single word Kimberlin says, no one has ever presented any evidence, at all, that Kimberlin is behind the “SWAT-ing” — at this point, they mainly insinuate it really hard. Or they claim that one of his allies is responsible. Or something. (Erick Erickson said he suspected it was a member of Kimberlin’s “fan club.”) Patterico accused two Kimberlin “associates” of being responsible, though he doesn’t even have evidence that they’re “associates.”

Of course, if you have been following this story you know there is much circumstantial evidence that shows Kimberlin / Rauhauser / Brynaert are coordinating activities at the very least.

More from Patterico:

Pareene describes Kimberlin’s victim’s as people who “receive a great deal of joy from pretending to be the victims of unprovoked and terrible persecution.” Ask Aaron Walker how much joy he received when he and his wife lost their jobs, he was arrested, and spent money defending against frivolous actions from Kimberlin. It was not “joy” I experienced when Kimberlin’s site published photos of my house and my address; when he filed a state bar complaint against me; when he attempted to file frivolous criminal charges against me with the California Attorney General and the stalking unit of my office; or when he complained to my office numerous times about me.

Do take the time to read his full Fisking, which also doubles, in my opinion, as a solid indictment of Alex Pareene’s malpractice.

Expect an Update in a bit.

UPDATE at 2059…

-If you seem to recall Alex Pareene’s name, this is not surprising.

Perhaps you recall his hilarious ‘Michelle Malkin, Asian Whore Who Does That Ping Pong Ball Trick’ remarks from 2006? [tip of the fedora to Instapundit]

Or perhaps you remember him as Matthew Vadum recalls for us:

…Alex Pareene is a longtime defender of ACORN whose employees were caught on video offering advice on setting up a brothel for pedophiles.

What a charming and precocious little boy he is.

-Stacy McCain has more analysis here of Alex’s ‘reporting’ — enjoy the lovely sarcasm.

-I forgot to include Patterico’s excellent succinct summation of Pareene’s article:

This piece pretends to be journalism, but it isn’t. It’s cover to Brett Kimberlin, pure and simple. Pareene repeats Kimberlin’s allegations and doesn’t bother to talk to any of his victims.

-While Patterico’s Fisking of Alex Pareene is well-done, the one by Dan Collins is even better.

Two highlights:

And if a semi-retired jurist tries to impose prior restraint on your writings, though legal precedent clearly indicates he should not, there’s no harm, no foul, because after all this is a non-story. How do we know it is a non-story? Because Alex Pareene of Salon has pronounced it so, just as Rachel Maddow has pronounced Fast and Furious a non-story on several occasions.


Let’s not focus on the question why some lefties have chosen to make a pet of such a creature [as Kimberlin], but why some righties are so up in arms about its behavior. Because that’s really weird.

Rather than consider any of this matter important, Alex Pareene believes you’ll be a lot happier sticking your head up your ass, just as he has. Because, really, what’s the big deal here? It’s not as though any important writers at Salon have been inconvenienced by this stuff. Who can sort out these contending realities? It’s too hard, and there’s just no payoff for a truth-seeker like Alex Pareene. Besides, you ought to know that writing about a convicted domestic terrorist perjurer lawfarer lefty philanthropist is foolish.

Let’s just leave it alone, and hope it goes away.

Ain’t gonna happen, Bolshes.

We’re Here
We Don’t Fear
Get Used To It!

Expect at least one more update.

UPDATE at 2123…

In Other News…

Stacy reports that, karma being a powerful thing, Salon may be on it’s last legs [poor Alex, what will he do that doesn’t involve bath houses and older men?].

-Mike, That Mr. G Guy, was visited by @BreitbartUnmask earlier today.  You can see the whole exchange at Mikes Twitter feed here [go back to around Noon].

A few highlights:


-Why is 4Chan visiting Donald Douglas’s site [the Sitemeter Link is no longer valid]?

NOTE For The Record: by quoting and/or linking someone in these Reports, I am not necessarily endorsing that person’s behavior or actions. I will quote and/or link anyone who helps reveal the truth about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, et. al. but I will not take sides nor get dragged into any of the squabbles occurring on our side. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.

  1. 10 July 2012 @ 21:09 21:09

    Alex Pareene is borrowing the good ol’ Life Of Brian routine. Brett Kimberlin’s not a terrorist, he’s just a naughty boy.

  2. 10 July 2012 @ 21:36 21:36

    God will suffer fools and the Irish, but I imagine He’s getting a little pissed at that bunch of miscreants.

    • 11 July 2012 @ 20:36 20:36

      I just spoke with Him and all He said was ‘Yup, you betcha’.

  3. KingShamus permalink
    11 July 2012 @ 09:02 09:02

    Alex Pareene is basically a less talented Ezra Klein body double with a hipster beard and nerdlington glasses, so shilling for Brett Kimberlin is basically all he’s good for.

  4. 11 July 2012 @ 13:17 13:17

    So THAT’S why I have new Twitter followers! Thanks, Bob!
    I clicked over to that retarded Salon piece, curious to see what commenters had to say to it (they are praising the jackass who wrote that garbage), and it crashed my computer. No wonder that digital rag is swirling around the bottom of the toilet. Flush it again.

    • 11 July 2012 @ 20:37 20:37

      You’re welcome.

      Flush it again and use a plunger!

      • 13 July 2012 @ 10:24 10:24

        When our terlet gives trouble (because my four year old thinks it’s fun to flush dixie cups, bars of soap, small toys, and who the hell knows what else) I actually have a bottle of sulfuric acid that I keep handy to pour into it that disintegrates everything in the way – better than a plunger – dump corrosive acid on it!!!


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