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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+41 Part II: Walker Beats Kimberlin [Updates Below]

05 July 2012 @ 19:11

-From Breitbart News, Lee Stranahan reporting, we learn some of the details of what went on in court today:

Walker was represented by attorney Reginald Bours, while Kimberlin appeared representing himself. Significantly, Kimberlin was reportedly accompanied by controversial political operative Neal Rauhauser, who handed Kimberlin some documents. Kimberlin and Rauhauser also sat together in the courtroom and were seen together in the halls.

Kimberlin appeared at times during his appearance to be frustrated and angry. For example, when Kimberlin was asked about whether he had any knowledge of Mr. Walker’s recent SWATting, Kimberlin accused attorney Bours of harassing him by even asking the question, which he referred to as “despicable.”

At one point in his presentation, Kimberlin claimed that Walker was trying to build an “Army of Davids,” an apparent reference to An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths, the title of a 2006 book by Glenn Reynolds. Reynolds, who blogs as InstaPundit, has linked to the Kimberlin vs. Walker story. In the hearing, Kimberlin indicated that he believed the “Army of Davids” was a Christian militia.

Is Brett Kimberlin breaking under the pressure?

Investor’s Business Daily reporter David Hogberg was there and filed a report.  A highlight:

Kimberlin made a number of statements, but his basic argument boiled down to Walker wanted to encourage people to blog about Kimberlin to incite others to harass him and send him death threats. As evidence, Kimberlin again had pages of Twitter feeds and blog posts.

This time, though, Judge Rupp did something extraordinary that Judge Vaughey did not. He actually looked at the evidence Kimberlin presented. After looking at them, Rupp declared, “I see nothing in here that threatens you personally.”

Do take the time to click here and read the rest of Mr. Hogberg’s report.

Bravo to Mr. Hogberg and his bosses for being one of the very few big media outlets to have the testicular fortitude to cover this story.

I will have an Update in a little bit.

UPDATE at 1925…

-Aaron Walker has published his own account of today’s events.  A highlight:

Kimberlin also tried to argue that I was responsible for alleged death threats he had received (remembering that it is very likely that he or his allies were planting many of these supposed threats). I didn’t see all that he presented although it appeared to be similar, if not identical to the set of exhibits he presented at the end of his opposition to my motion for a partial stay, which you can read here. He also attempted to blame me for the alleged misconduct of John Norton and Martin Maher but the court found Kimberlin had absolutely no evidence that I was responsible for any third party’s words or conduct.

-WJJ Hoge was there at the courthouse and has posted a report.

-BTW: Did you notice in Lee Stranahan’s report that it seems Neal ‘Booji Boy’ Rauhauser was there?

Another Update is possible.

UPDATE at 2009…

-John Hoge is spot-on:

Judge Rupp’s ruling today is the beginning of the end. The time to face the music approaches. Justice through blogging. And then the courts.


UPDATE at 2035…

-Aaron reports on the latest harassing Tweets he’s received from @OccupyRebellion:

That is their unabashed goal: to destroy my life, my livelihood, to take away my law license and even put me in prison if they can. And I would be truly surprised if they stopped after the metaphorical bloody nose I gave Kimberlin today. I know the fight isn’t over, not by a long shot.

He’s quite right and one thing we have to keep in mind is that these Leftist Thugs are feeling more desperation with each passing day, so I would not be surprised if they not only get more wild but, possibly, they will resort to violence.

Ken, over at Popehat, offers his take on this here.

For the record: by quoting and/or linking someone in these Reports, I am not necessarily endorsing that person’s behavior or actions. I will quote and/or link anyone who helps reveal the truth about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, et. al. but I will not take sides nor get dragged into any of the squabbles occurring on our side. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.

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