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The Righteous Rant Of The Day…

02 July 2012 @ 14:50

…is awarded to Jeff Goldstein [a master of the measured rant] for his laying bare in the full light of day Comrade Obamnin and his apparatchiks’s motives and his justified cynicism as to whether The Stupid Party will wake up and smell the opportunity in this situation. A highlight:

Obama’s personal history is steeped in the politics of leftism — from the Marxism of Frank Davis that he drank in as a young boy to the New Party’s desire to “fundamentally transform” the US into a European-style democratic socialist state headed by a permanent ruling class and run by bureaucracies, themselves headed by leftist activists, largely out of the reach of voters, that he joined up with.So it makes sense, therefore, that the Obama campaign’s fundraising take place in the salons of Western European socialism — on the 4th of July, just to jam home the symbolism (really, all that for a fucking flag?)– and that it be led by a cabal of bien pensant American celebrities who made their money acting for the very mouthbreathing suburban American dullards they wouldn’t be caught dead around, and whom they’d like to see regulated into the kind of background accessories that won’t cause our betters such social and cultural revulsion.

It’s a perfect fit, this campaign and this venue — and it puts a lie to the supposed dichotomy of out-of-touch Mitt and man-of-the-people Barack while underscoring (and even performing, in a sense) the dreams of transnational progressivism.

Now the question is, will the GOP use such optics to their advantage?

Right on, brother, right on.

I read Jeff’s post this morning and was struck by how much they reminded me of some of the writings of Eric Hoffer I had just read in Tom Bethell’s wonderful new biography Eric Hoffer: The Longshoreman Philosopher, in the chapter America And The Intellectuals.

A taste:

The intellectual will feel at home where an exclusive elite is in charge of affairs, and it matters not whether it be an elite of aristocrats, soldiers, merchants or intellectuals. He would prefer an elite that is culturally literate, but he will put up with one that is not. What he cannot endure is a society dominated by common people. There is nothing he loathes more than government of and by the people. [page 179]


The intellectual knows with every fiber of his being that all men are not equal, and there are few things he cares for less than a classless society. No matter how boundless and genuine the intellectual’s altruism, he regards the common man as a means.

Their temperament is aristocratic.

My hunch is that for the typical intellectual it is a dull empty world where there are no longer genuine kings and real aristocrats and real castles and palaces. The intellectual’s cast of mind is basically aristocratic and no matter how much he railed against kings and nobles they were the only people he really admired. This is true even when the intellectual is Karl Marx. [page 183]


…the grievance which animates him is, with very few exceptions, private and personal. [page 185]


Where [the intellectual] is held in high honor and clothed in distinction, he will put up with a considerable amount of injustice to others and himself and will champion the prevailing dispensation. Where he is left out in the cold and is not taken seriously, let alone honored, he will deprecate, decry and defame every aspect of the existing order. He will see his chief role as that of a critic and equate criticism with truth and moral courage. [pages 185-186]

Intellectuals like Barack Hussein Obama truly live the Leftist maxim that ‘the personal is political’. They find a home within the confines of Leftism because it coddles their fears of living and of Life, because it affirms their desire, born of a mental laziness, to not have to work and strive for the normal things, and because it offers the promise of Heaven On Earth at the end of it all, a release from the misery of living that they feel deep in the marrow of their bones. Like children they are desperate for praise and like spoiled children they want to be told that they are special and unique – that the world would be a much sadder place without their ‘glorious’ presence within it. And, once they have embraced Leftism, they, in their pathetic desire to escape Reality, they convince themselves that they are a part of a small elite of Enlightened Ones, illuminated with a secret wisdom [‘The Answer’] that makes them the only ones qualified to rule mankind.

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