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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+38: The Madness Of King Sockpuppet

02 July 2012 @ 21:05

-Another day, another sockpuppet of His Berserk Majesty, King Rauhauser The Unhinged, exposed, this time by Stacy McCain:


One of the most persistent characteristics of Neal Rauhauser is his use of online aliases. He’s a sort of sockpuppet factory and once wrote that he had created more than 100 Twitter accounts. Some of those accounts were apparently created for Democrat politicians who had hired Rauhauser’s Progressive PST consulting firm. However, it is known that Rauhauser has also operated a number of intentionally deceptive online aliases, the protection of which was the subject of a very interesting treatise Rauhauser wrote on “persona management.”

Did I say “very interesting”? Why would Rauhauser be so obsessively concerned with “IP address concealment,” offering advice on how to protect a “persona” on a laptop with such elaborate measures that these secrets would be secure even “if you’re arrested and questioned”?

What criminal online behavior, conducted under a secret identity, requires that kind of protection?…

Please do take the time to click here to find out the Royal Twit’s super-secret identity.

-The Lonely Conservative has picked-up on this interesting fact:

…[Neal] Rauhauser has worked for several prominent Democrats, one of whom is now running for Congress in Washington’s 1st district, Darcy Burner.

Via Screed of Momus:

In Screed of Momus’s continuing series on Neal Rauhauser, one of the more interesting development has been an examination of Neal’s association with various progressive, self-identifying feminists like Beth A. Becker of Progressive PST and Darcy Burner of Progressive Congress and Progressive Congress News. Darcy Burner is interesting because she’s a Democratic candidate out of Washington’s District 1 for the House, and one wonders what kind of questions she might face in the general election campaign should her associations with Neal Rauhauser come up.

Read the whole thing. It makes you wonder who else Rauhauser has worked with and received funding from for his nefarious online activities.

Indeed.  Methinks if we keep digging we’re going to find a lot more Establishment Democrats with connections to the Kimberlin/Rauhauser Cell.

We need more shovels.

-Speaking of Screed Of Monmus, he, like myself and others like Dan Collins [more on him next], are fed-up with all of the infighting going on among those of us seeking to expose these Leftist Thugs.  From a recent post of his:

The goal is to build, little by little, foundational brick by foundational brick until we have the entire operation documented and the people behind it held accountable. Make no mistake, some of these people are lawyers, and they used their capacity as lawyers to obtain advance notice of filings and rulings to complement their efforts to ridicule, harass, humiliate, and intimidate those they were targeting. When the time comes, the documentation being assembled by bloggers, researchers, and activists will be used for matters like state bar complaints and possible criminal charges against those who were responsible.

Screed of Momus is not interested in interpersonal squabbles over who had what information first, or who assembled the best dossier and when, nor is Screed of Momus interested in online name-calling. Screed of Momus is interested in working the story, assembling the facts through painstaking effort and cooperation among like-minded people, and using the documentation to move criminal and civil cases against those who are ultimately responsible forward.

Dan Collins:

In the evening, when I go to Twitter to socialize, this is not what I want to see, and please forgive me if I don’t care to invest the time to figure out who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong. Honestly, it’s much more interesting to me to read Patterico exposing Rauhauser trickery on his blog than to read of petty internecine battles on our side. Online commentators are going to jump the shark from time to time. It happens. When shark-jumping provokes these hyperbolic responses, it gets perpetuated, and unfortunately this becomes boring very quickly. Anyone can set him- or herself up as the sole arbiter of acceptable internet behavior and attitudes, then go out to recruit partisans to do battle against the pariah of the moment. People can organize sodalities of butthurt, if that’s their pleasure, and seek to ostracize folks who bother them, but in fact very little of what seems to be causing this commotion on the right against elements (or dis-contents, depending on one’s point of view) on the right seems to me worth the effort.

Yeah, people are stressed. Politically inclined people, I among them, have been in full-stress mode since the anti-Walker occutards descended on Madison. It seems to me that dealing with the festering boil of viciousness that is MMfA and its operatives is worth the effort, but whether Brooks Bayne and Brandon Darby get along really isn’t a matter of much interest to me. It’s not a matter of enough interest, at any rate, for me to want to get involved taking sides, or to partake in this knee-jerk drama in any other way than to observe that it’s an enormous waste of energy.

All of our energy should be directed towards getting the Prize: the exposure of the Kimberlin/Rauhauser Cell, those who fund it, those who utilize it, and the take down of the whole rotten enterprise.

-I’ll end with a call to arms from Peter Bella [tip of the fedora to Mandy Nagy, @Liberty_Chick]:

So-called political activist Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber, is a master practitioner of lawfare. He successfully gets restraining orders against anyone who reports on his tactics. Journalists and bloggers are silenced under penalty of imprisonment unless and until they spend inordinate amounts of time and money to overturn them.

These restraining orders are issued willy-nilly for no legal rhyme or reason. Independent and freelance journalists are at the mercy of non-profit groups to defend them.

Major media rarely report on these legal and judicial abuses or stand up to defend press or expressive freedom. No one sent them something to cut and paste so there is no story.

If a judge can stop one person from reporting on an issue, force them to delete past posts or reports, and threaten imprisonment if they do not comply, for no reason other than they can, they can stop any major media entity too.

A judge can stop a major media entity dead on its tracks by just going after one reporter. No person or entity is immune.

Wednesday is the 4th of July, Independence Day. Independence is a larger concept than mere freedom or liberty. Freedom and liberty are the foundations of independence. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly are the cornerstones of independence.

Use it or lose it. If freelance journalists, bloggers, major media entities, and anyone who disseminates news information and opinion, do not brutally fight for our rights and viciously fight for each other we will lose our right to report.

Each time one person is silenced, through repression, oppression, and suppression, whether through court order, arrest or threat of arrest, imprisonment, violence or death, freedom loses. Independence is eroded.

America used to be the last best hope of mankind to live in freedom. We are no longer that “city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” That beacon is a dim bulb. Unless we protect each other the light will go out.

If the light that is America goes out, the world itself will enter a new Dark Age.

For the record: by quoting and/or linking someone in these Reports, I am not necessarily endorsing that person’s behavior or actions. I will quote and/or link anyone who helps reveal the truth about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, et. al. but I will not take sides nor get dragged into any of the squabbles occurring on our side. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    02 July 2012 @ 21:22 21:22

    Neal Ranhauser: master sock puppeteer.

  2. 03 July 2012 @ 21:46 21:46

    I caught your tweet on Bella’s article and posted on it. Great article. Thanks.


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