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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+32 33: Ring Around The Rauhauser [Updates Below]

27 June 2012 @ 14:33

-From the evidence Patterico presents in a new post of his here, I think Stacy McCain is accurate to draw the following conclusion:

A Democratic political consultant harassed the victim of a SWATting hoax, employing the online alias “The Gaped Crusader” to taunt popular conservative blogger Patrick “Patterico” Frey and others.

Neal Rauhauser became obsessed with Frey during the 2011 Anthony Weiner cybersex scandal, declaring in a July 2011 post at the Daily Kos blog that Frey “looks to be a pretty good candidate for the planner/operator behind Weinergate.” Both Frey and Mike Stack — a New Jersey resident who helped expose Weiner’s online activities — were targeted by so-called “SWATting” hoaxes in June and July 2011.

Frey published a 3,000-word post at his site Wednesday morning that provides extensive evidence showing Rauhauser, a consultant who has previously worked for Democratic politicians including Rep. Raul Grijalva, used the “Gaped Crusader” alias in a two-month cyberstalking campaign in November and December 2011.

In his post, like the good prosecutor he is reputed to be, Patterico lays out in detail the evidence both direct and circumstantial that Neal Rauhauser and The Gaped Crusader are one and the same person. It is a fine bit of detective work that is long, but well-worth a read because it gives you insight into one way Rauhauser operates and more on how his twisted [and, possibly, psychotic] mind works.

Do also check out the rest of Stacy’s report here, which he has updated twice already and promises to continue to do so.

More dots connecting as the noose of Truth tightens.

In a related, but no less blockbuster, posting, Aaron Walker release an e-mail exchange he had with Neal Rauhauser on 09 January 2012. As Aaron writes in his summation:

If you start at the bottom and work your way backwards, first you will see the extortionate email I have revealed before, where he threatened to put my real name out into the public (I was writing under a pseudonym at the time). And you can see my response which was to put him off. And then you see his reply suggesting that I get in contact with those team Themis types. Aaron Barr was associated with HB Gary. And Ryan? He once gave a presentation to Palantir, who are implicated in this. Yes, giving a slide show is enough to make you part of the conspiracy in their minds, or so they say.

So that tells you two things.

First, Neal didn’t think I had any connection to any of those people. So all of his pronouncements of an HB Gary conspiracy involving me are made falsely, with knowledge that it is false. Indeed as I pointed out before, this fits the definition of legal malice.

Second, Neal was trying to manipulate me into making those connections. He hoped I would be so scared of having my real name revealed to the world that I would pull down all my posts about him and then reach out to these people. Then, when I did, he and Kimberlin would say, “See?! He is working with them!!! It’s all a conspiracy! A conspiracy I tell you!” They might have even used capital letters and the infamous “eleventy.”

So it was another member of Team Kimberlin, trying to manufacture evidence—a team led by a convicted document forger. Go figure.

Aaron also posts a letter his regular lawyer, Beth Kingsley, received on 30 December 2011 from Rauhauser where he tries to convince Miss Kingsley that Aaron is part of a grand conspiracy funded by the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce and implies that she should withhold certain information from her client.

Please do take the time to click here and read the whole post.

-Neal Rauhauser has a foot fetish?

-Over at The Web Agents, Flynn has put together an excellent post that lays out the tactics of Lawfare Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin use against us.

-That webinar I alerted you about in my post of last evening happened and Mike, ThatMrGGuy, published a partial transcription that he put together. Do take the time to click here and read it, if you haven’t already.

For the record: by quoting and/or linking someone in these Reports, I am not necessarily endorsing that person’s behavior or actions. I will quote and/or link anyone who helps reveal the truth about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, et. al. but I will not take sides nor get dragged into any of the squabbles occurring on our side. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.

UPDATE at 2037…

-ERRATA: The original date I had in this post’s title was yesterday’s.  I have corrected it, but the url will still reflect the mistake.  Apologies.

-In the Aaron Walker posting I quote from and link to above, he mentions the firm HBGary and the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce.  Back in February, Mandy Nagy [aka: @Liberty_Chick] published a report [please see the NOTE below before you click on this link] on the hacked e-mails that were released by Anonymous regarding the relationship between the firm and the Chamber.  Mandy provides some needed background on this aspect of the saga in the report.  A highlight:

As Forbes reported today,

HBGary Federal, Palantir, and a third security firm, Berico Technologies, were recruited by the law firm Hunton & Williams to prepare a proposal for Bank of America, which is rumored to be the subject of an upcoming megaleak of sensitive documents from WikiLeaks. The firms also did work on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to research its critics that would help to “discredit” and “shame” them.

Those critics they mention? Those would be Velvet Revolution and its coalition of allies, like ThinkProgress and Change to Win/SEIU, who had been pounding on the Chamber of Commerce for months upon months. It turns out that the same data intelligence firm gearing up to tackle WikiLeaks was also investigating the political opponents who’d been responsible for the months of anti-Chamber smear jobs. The same folks spearheading the campaign.

In their zeal to go after the thugs who shamelessly peddled lies about the US Chamber and spread the now disproven myth that the organization was flooding foreign money into US elections, it appears that HBGary Federal may have crossed a line. In return, the firm became the unwilling target of the very attacks against which they purport to protect big companies and government agencies.

In one of those hacked e-mails HBGary’s Aaron Barr mentions Mandy’s article at Brietbart on 11 October 2010 which showed that the Left had embraced Brett Kimberlin and his Velvet Revolution ‘non-profit’.

NOTE: The three images in the original report from February by Mandy did not transfer over when transferred it’s site. The first missing image is unimportant; the second can actually be viewed over at Patterico’s site; and the third, Mandy has kindly put up here [WARNING: Do not click on the link directly under the missing 3rd image, as it will take you to an unsafe Anonymous-related site].

As you can see by looking at the third image, Barr refers to Mandy’s October 2010 report as potentially useful by the folks conducting HBGary’s operation. This mention has been used by Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, and their Associates as ‘proof’ that Mandy was involved in a conspiracy. This is clearly not true. In my opinion, this ‘proof’ was just another in a long list of attempts by La Cosa Kimberlin to delegitimize Miss Nagy — STOP for this crew.

A special tip of the fedora to Mandy for informing me of her report.

-Brett Kimberlin sent a letter to Aaron Walker’s attorney yesterday once again making false accusations and issuing threats.  Patterico dismantles Kimberlin’s arguments very succinctly here, and comments:

The thing is, Kimberlin has been told all of this before — and he still goes back and gets peace orders. And the judges in the Maryland court system give them to him. These judges feel bound by their own rules instead of the rules set by the Supreme Court, as Judge Vaughey famously made clear.

So when Kimberlin makes a threat like this, it is not idle.

He is not going to stop, until someone (morally and legally) forces him to stop.

Indeed.  We’ve got to keep shining the light on this convicted domestic terrorist, suspected murderer and suspected pedophile who is a foot soldier in the Leftist Mafia.

-On 05 June, in the Update of 2129 hours of that day’s The #BrettKimberlin Report, I quoted from a posting by Flynn that was entitled The Strange Pairing Of Brett Kimberlin And  At that time, he contacted the folks at Become, but received no answer until yesterday.  After further clarifying several items with them and with another source, Flynn has retracted his initial speculations.  You can read his explanation here.  Good work, Flynn.

-In Brett Kimberlin’s latest filing with the Maryland Courts, he cites Stacy McCain in Exhibit D and Instapundit in Exhibit E.

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