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The #BrettKimberlin Report D-32 Part II: The 21st Century Schzoid Man And His Associates [Updates Below]

26 June 2012 @ 19:39

-Before we get to Neal Rauhauser, there’s this: From Aaron Walker’s latest post, we learn:

Fresh after yesterday’s legal setback, Kimberlin finds out that he lost his appeal in his attempt to hold Seth Allen in contempt.

Do click here to read the whole report.

-From the Franklin Center, an important announcement [tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain and ThatMrGGuy]:

Tonight at 9:30pm EDT, The Franklin Center joins Lee Stranahan, Mandy Nagy, and last night’s SWATting victim Aaron Worthing on a webinar to discuss recent attacks on bloggers and the suppression of free speech.

You can sign-up to join in the discussion by clicking here. As Stacy comments:

…given the enormous importance of the subject, I sincerely urge you to participate in this event, and also ask you to help promote participation on the largest scale possible.

I will not be able to participate, but, if you do and you do a post on your own blog about it or leave a comment about it here or at another, let me know and I’ll link you.

I’ll be updating this post soon, but I wanted to get these two bits of news out there ASAP.

UPDATE at 2001…

Cat’s foot iron claw
Neuro-surgeons scream for more
At paranoia’s poison door
Twenty first century schizoid man

-In a post from earlier today, Stacy pulls away more of the curtain that shields Neal Rauhauser:

Neal Rauhauser explains his tactics.

What Rauhauser has been aiming to do, for nearly two years, is to gather (or perhaps we should say, manufacture) “evidence” of a right-wing conspiracy, so that he and his allies, by claiming they are targets of “harassment,” can file civil lawsuits or criminal complaints. Then, as Neal has quite explicitly explained, he expects to use the discovery process (in civil action) or subpoena authority (in criminal cases) to acquire information that can be used to continue this strategy.

Rauhauser is, in essence, attempting to use the legal process to engage in the same kind of “hacking” that LulzSec perpetrated against HBGary (a crime with which Neal was obsessively interested). Apparently now in cooperation with Brett Kimberlin’s 501(c) Velvet Revolution, Rauhauser wants to pursue a fishing expedition that will have the result of putting vast caches of e-mails — private, personal, business, politics, government — into Neal’s hands.

Anyone who will take the time to research Neal Rauhauser’s conspiracy theories (and his own descriptions of his motives and methods) will understand how everything fits together. Are Rauhauser’s claims of a right-wing conspiracy so ludicrous and implausible as to suggest that Neal is quite literally insane? Yes, but . . .

Despite all that, if Rauhauser can ever get courts and law enforcement agencies to buy into any of his claims, so that Neal gets hold of private information he can use against his enemies, the kookiness of his theories will ultimately be irrelevant: Neal wins.

Having spent 40 days reporting this story — and I was on the phone with four different sources this morning — I am just now beginning to see clearly what is actually happening. The “accuse the accusers” strategy, whereby Rauhauser and Kimberlin introduce zany conspiracy claims via criminal complaints and civil actions, strikes most rational people as lunacy. Yet it is actually much shrewder than it looks, because this tactic steadily creates a sort of bread-crumb trail of legal “evidence” for the existence of the (alleged and entirely imaginary) right-wing conspiracy that would be the premise of a RICO claim.

As Stacy later commented:

Well, the dots are finally beginning to connect. It’s important to get as many dots as you can get — and there are about a million motherfucking dots in this story — before you start trying to connect them.

And one of the major reasons the dots are getting connected and our picture of the situation is becoming slowly clearer is because of Stacy McCain’s diligent and relentless pursuit of the truth regarding this story.

-The Lonely Conservative explains how Instapundit’s picture ended up as an Exhibit in Kimberlin’s filing with the court.  Good catch.

More to follow.

UPDATE at 2031…

-Little Miss Attila gets the strategy behind Neal Rauhauser’s actions:

In short, the hope from the very illiberal forces of chaos is that muddying the waters legally will provide tangible legal victories—or at least more data with which to create yet more chaos.

Dead solid perfect.  This is the exact strategy of all of the Leftist leaders: to sow Chaos in Western Society.  The Left and it’s acolytes have been advocating the creation of Chaos in American Society as necessary to bringing it to ruin so that the new and illuminated age can begin.  So Neal Rauhauser is merely following the Leftist Playbook.  However, he’s doing while he’s consorting with a convicted domestic terrorist who is also a murder and pedophile suspect.  And, of course, he’s a batsh-t crazy Narcissist/Nihilist.

UPDATE at 2121…

-Over at The Blaze, Tiffany Gabbay interviews Aaron Walker [tip of the fedora to Mandy Nagy].

-Stogie has uncovered the fact that Neal was once one of the stars of a movie.

-The following will appear on every The #Brett Kimberlin Report I publish from here on out:

For the record: by quoting and/or linking someone in these Reports, I am not necessarily endorsing that person’s behavior or actions.  I will quote and/or link anyone who helps reveal the truth about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, et. al. but I will not take sides nor get dragged into any of the squabbles occurring on our side.

UPDATE at 2313…

Mike, ThatMrGGuy, has put together a partial transcription of the Franklin Center sponsored webinar from earlier this evening.

You can read it by clicking here.

Thanks, Mike.

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    Thanks for the link Bob. I signed up for the webinar and will watch it and report as best I can on it.. I have an early doctor’s appt tomorrow and when I say early, I mean I have to leave at six AM to make a 9:30 appt.


  1. Brett Kimberlin Used Picture of Glenn Reynolds as Exhibit E in Response to Aaron Walker’s Motion | The Lonely Conservative

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