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The #BrettKimberlin Report D-32 Part I: Situational Awareness

26 June 2012 @ 10:05


-That is the question raised by Patterico’s latest investigative report [tip of the fedora to WJJ Hoge].

He recounts the comments left by two now-proven sockpuppets on one of his blog posts and shows that they came from the same IP address. One of those comments listed the author as ‘Patterico’. Patrick Frey removed them quickly, but screensaved them.

The interesting part is that, in his response to the court in Maryland that Kimberlin just filed, he submits these two comments as evidence that people are having their lives threatened.

Do take the time to click here and read the whole report. As [the real] Patterico comments:


Kimberlin is on record as despising me. He has threatened me with a defamation lawsuit. He has filed a State Bar Complaint against me. He has complained about me to my office. (That’s a matter of public record, so I am giving nothing away.) He has complained about me to the stalking unit of my office, and reported me to Kamala Harris. He has insinuated in court documents that I may be responsible for a plot to murder him, and he has spoken of filing a RICO action against me and others.

So now, he just so happens to catch a comment, allegedly by me, allegedly threatening his political allies — in a narrow eight-minute window after it was made, nine days after the post was originally published — and he never refreshed the page again in the next 19 days?

Either that, or he forgot to tell the court that I had said the comment wasn’t mine.

FYI: Kimberlin’s filing may be found here.

-Dustin is spot-on in his observation and offers some good advice:

I think this is a very compelling argument that Kimberlin and pals are fabricating the comments they are relying on in court to show harassment.

There has been a strain of comments that all sound similar in that they try to name where someone is and promise to do something. Also, implausible threats against third parties like Richard Head or his boss, the AG of New Hampshire.

Interestingly, when challenged, these astroturf comments usually launch into a ‘I’m more conservative than thou!’ and ‘You don’t know what it takes to win!’ argument.

That’s something to keep an eye out for.

Indeed. If you are able, track down every commentator. This is easier to do if the blogger is using Disqus: just open their profile and (1) see how many comments they have made [if there aren't many or just one, be suspicious] and (2) if there are many, read a good selection of them, because the trolls usually trip up in some way. And, please don’t forget: when visiting places on the Internet that you have the slightest suspicion about, use to hide your information.

redcic4 comments:

[T]his is what is going to destroy the BK evil empire… not a climactic battle, but a death by 1000 cuts that will eventually gut him in a court of law and/or trip him and his fellow criminals up with one or more law enforcement agencies.

Let us pray.


This set of comments at Stacy’s post about the SWATting of Aaron Walker last night show, as if we didn’t know, that we have to be vigilant at all times:

GlennWishard: FYI – When clicking on this site today I received a popup that said "To view this page, you must log in to area tracking.sitemeter.c*m on ‘ Your password will be sent unencrypted." It appeared again when entering comments.A friend reported seeing the same thing when visiting Patterico today.

JeffS: I’ve read that’s a phishing attempt through some sort of hijacking at Sitemeter. Close the pop up without entering anything — it’s what I’ve been doing.

FOAF: I have been getting that on several sites, not all of them heavily Kimberlin-related. Of course I didn’t enter anything.

GlennWishard: You’re probably right, but Sitemeter picked a hell of a time to get their head lodged in their gastrointestinal tract.

Be careful out there. Who knows what’s going on. I wouldn’t put anything past these bastards.

As Lee Stranahan Tweeted this morning:

The sock puppets and vile twitter accounts are already up and at ’em — gonna be a busy day. Look for the attacks, coming from all sides

Just another day in The Rightosphere, eh?


Damn good advice from Patterico, the voice, unfortuately in his case, of experience:

Aaron warned his police department weeks ago that something like this might happen. Erick Erickson did the same thing. And their experiences were far less unpleasant than mine. I can’t guarantee that Aaron was treated better because of the advance warning, but it may well be the case.I had actually considered warning my police before I was SWATted. But I worried about looking paranoid and conspiratorial. So I didn’t.

Any blogger or even commenter who has taken an aggressive position talking about this story — especially people who know they have come onto Brett Kimberlin’s radar screen — should consider talking to their local police about the possibility that they could be SWATted. It is no joke, and worrying about looking silly is a poor reason not to act.

Take it from me.

Methinks I’ll be doing this.


Lee Stranahan offers a prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep. Hope I don’t get swatted by a creep. Should this [SWATter] call the fuzz I hope at least they give me a buzz.


NOTE: I hope to do another post later today.

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