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Stop The Milk Carton Presses!

23 June 2012 @ 18:43

I have not disappeared!  Nor have I entered the Witness Protection Program [always the possibility for someone like myself who is of Italian descent].

Yesterday, I had to attend an all-day retreat connected with work and I was at it and on the road getting to and from it for a total of nearly fourteen hours [I’m so damn dedicated].  Luckily, I was in the company of two gals I work with who are a lot of fun to hang around with.

By the time I got home, I was tired and feeling fagged out.

Today, I’m feeling like dirt, but I’ve been feeling off all week.  I blamed it on the onset of our first heatwave here in New England, but, after how lousy I’ve felt today, methinks it’s a low-grade something [is Team Kimberlin engaging in nano-biology attacks?].

I’ve had to cancel my usual get together with Colonel Jack this evening, so I will be posting a Rule 5 Saturday something before the clock strikes twelve and, possibly, producing a Rule 5 News, as well.


  1. 23 June 2012 @ 19:07 19:07

    Hope you feel better real soon.

  2. jdgalt permalink
    23 June 2012 @ 19:09 19:09

    What’s he doing in the mail room? I know… selling Natural Mail Enhancement!!!

  3. M. Thompson permalink
    23 June 2012 @ 21:15 21:15

    Kick this illness of yours, and get back to doing what you do best.

    • 24 June 2012 @ 01:29 01:29

      Thanks, MT.

      I hate this kind of thing. At least when it’s a full-born cold or flue, you know what to do.

      BTW: I just had to cancel Rule 5 Saturday – what does that tell you?

      • M. Thompson permalink
        24 June 2012 @ 01:46 01:46

        It’s really bad, if you’re canceling [i]that[/i].

  4. 24 June 2012 @ 19:30 19:30

    I hope you feel better soon, Bob, I’ve missed you!
    BTW, you should expect that I am going to advise you to get evaluated for Lyme and related tick borne diseases – if only to rule it out – if you are still feeling “off” after a week or so. I have learned a lot about what turns out to be actually a very complex syndrome since my own diagnosis, and you DO live in an endemic area. Most people afflicted do not even remember being bit & don’t get the rash, but if caught and properly treated early you can avoid ending up all fucked up like I am now. Once it gets into it’s late stages not only is it really hard to treat, but the treatments themselves are pretty horrible and can take YEARS to get the diseases under control.
    Hopefully you are right and it’s just a reaction to the wacky weather. Drink lots of fluids (preferably not booze) and get lots of rest. Have some chicken soup if it is nice and cool in the house, or some bacon. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better, all of the time.

  5. ike permalink
    25 June 2012 @ 13:14 13:14

    Relatively new reader. Best wishes. I set my week on the Rule 5 schedule.


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