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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+25: Fidelis Radio Attacked

19 June 2012 @ 19:36

The Lisa Graas Show was the subject of a Denial Of Service [DOS] attack last night on Blog Talk Radio.

Stacy McCain was scheduled to be the guest, but they kept having major technical problems and finally had to cancel the show because none of the phone connections could be maintained.  I was listening and it seemed that something funky was going on.

Sure enough: today, from Fidelis we learned:

We now have confirmation, that our Show, “the Lisa Graas Show w/ Guest Stacy McCain”was sabotaged, we had “denial of service” problems which cannot be otherwise explained and in 2 1/2 years of broadcasting has never happened to us. For those not aware, Stacy McCain, a well know Conservative journalist has been the target of this harassment to the degree that he has had to move his family for safety reasons. The “story” behind this is long, but tonight we will be joined by Stacy McCain to hear his story…and we will not back down if “techy” problems ensue again, we will keep scheduling him until he is heard…Lisa’s show tonight at 9pm EST.


The people who make up the Fidelis Radio Network are decent folks fighting the good fight to help restore our freedoms and liberties while seeking to nourish the soul.  If you’re able, make a donation to these courageous folks who will not be intimidated by the likes of Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin.

If you can, give the show a listen at 2100 EST tonight.

  1. 19 June 2012 @ 21:48 21:48

    Lisa is one of the kindest and nicest people I know, it saddens me to see this happen to her as much as it angers me to see yet another disgusting attack on the Freedom of Speech.

  2. Red permalink
    19 June 2012 @ 22:49 22:49

    Uh, that’s Rau-hacker and Kimberhole if your nasty 😉

  3. M. Thompson permalink
    19 June 2012 @ 23:33 23:33

    Freedom for me, but not for thee is the motto of that group.

  4. 20 June 2012 @ 16:49 16:49

    Downloaded for later listening. Thanks.

    • 20 June 2012 @ 17:07 17:07

      You’re welcome. Stacy provides a daamn fine summary of the whole saga on the show.

      • 21 June 2012 @ 17:38 17:38

        Just listening now, and Stacy’s comment about the authorities dragging their feet certainly resonates here.
        A local TV program located an ‘asylum seeker’ (non-pc translation: illegal immigrant) who’s actually a bigwig in the people smuggling racket. A few days later he’s on a plane out of the country.
        Response from the Australian Federal Police: “We’ve been investigating this person…”
        More here.

        • 21 June 2012 @ 20:09 20:09

          What is in the water in every country of The Anglosphere?!?

  5. 22 June 2012 @ 05:54 05:54

    It’s depressing, I agree.


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