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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+24: Que Pasa?

18 June 2012 @ 20:08

-Apologies for not doing an Update on Saturday, but we attended a graduation party for my first cousin’s daughter and old Bob had a few.  And old Bob never blogs after imbibing.

-Stacy McCain has filed three more reports since last Friday that help to further expose Neal Rauhauser for the evil and delusional danger he is to decent people.

=On Saturday, he filed a report on some of the latest news in  the saga of La Cosa Kimberlin and commented:

Every day, we grab hold of some piece of the Kimberlin saga — some previously unreported fact or overlooked detail, some development on the legal or political front — and we push it as hard as we can, making the story new and fresh every day. One month into this epic battle of informational warfare, there is now a nationwide readership of thousands following this story with fascinated interest, and I am keenly aware of the need to keep moving the ball down the field, like a football team driving toward a touchdown.

It’s so important that we keep this story alive and one of the best ways to do that is by we, the rank and file of The Army Of Davids, doing the research and spreading the word.

=On Sunday, Stacy exposed Neal Rauhauser’s method of thought by publishing items that he had removed from the Internet — but, of course, such items rarely completely disappear.  A highlight:


Earlier this year, Neal Rauhauser “scrubbed” from the Internet several of his online writings in an apparent attempt to conceal evidence that he has been cyberstalking and harassing his enemies, including the late Andrew Breitbart, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and the group of Tea Party activists who exposed Rauhauser’s role in the 2010 “TwitterGate” scandal.

Cached versions of Rauhauser’s deleted posts were preserved by some of the conservatives he targeted, and show Rauhauser’s fetish for secrecy and his obsession with his various enemies….

The examples of Rauhauser’s writings are useful examples of the man’s demented state of mind, but they also show he is a functioning mentally unbalanced person.

=In his latest from earlier today, Stacy questions why law enforcement officials have seemingly not acted on the evidence at hand:

We are at the point of the story where, if this was a TV crime drama, the detectives would have the suspects locked in a room, confronting them with the evidence and interrogating them for 14 consecutive hours until they cracked.

Is the FBI incompetent? Or — I hesitate to suggest this — has the Justice Department become so corrupted that even the FBI’s hard-won reputation for integrity has been compromised?

This is why Neal Rauhauser’s repeated boastings about his contacts in the FBI disturb me. We know that Rauhauser is a liar and a braggart, but what if he’s actually telling the truth about his cozy relationship with law enforcement? What if the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have actually bought into Rauhauser’s deceptions?

Do take the time to click here and read the rest.

-Stacy McCain has been doing some of his best work in the course of covering this saga.  I agree totally with Gator Doug’s assessment:

Yes, the fact is that Team Kimberlin made a mistake when they poked the hornets nest by targeting Stacy McCain for intimidation. The groundswell of anger this created amongst McCain’s fellow bloggers, and indeed friends in many cases, led to a counter attack by dozens and dozens of blogs. That led to some coverage on ABC, Fox, CNN, Glenn Beck, and eventually Congress started to speak out. At that point, perhaps Team Kimberlin should have seen the writing on the wall. But, perhaps arrogance got the better of them, who knows. Maybe they just never expected to be met with resistance. The Left has been wining the intimidation game for a while, and perhaps they just ASSumed McCain would just shirk away. Well, they were wrong!

La Cosa Kimberlin is going to learn the hard way that you don’t mess with a Scots-Irishman.

In a post by Mike, That Mr. G Guy, that also praises Stacy’s work, we see him maintaining his Happy Warrior persona.  I don’t know how you do it Mike — maybe it’s the Italian in me, but I can’t always do it.

WJJ Hoge is like Mike.

Darrell may have solved the riddle of how Stacy, whilst on the run for nearly a month, has kept his spirits up.

-In a comment on Stacy’s Saturday post, Second Timothy describes his recent run-in with Brett Kimberlin:

You know, it occurred to me, hey, I was EOD [Bob: I believe ‘Explosive Ordnance Disposal’], why would some chickens–t bomber scare me? Living in the DC area, my travels sometimes take me past VR and JTMP HQ. I was nearby, and I saw Kimberlin’s car coming down the street. I whipped up my phone to take a pic, but you know that Windows phone commercial where they make fun of taking pictures with Android? Yeah, that. Two ships that pass in the night, I thought. Coulda had a souvenir. So imagine my surprise when I see that car barreling up the road behind me, and tailgating me! We stop at a light and he’s got out a pen, scribbling furiously, no doubt my license plate and other info about my car.

So, wow, he was really annoyed, he was not only endangering himself and the other drivers on the road, but the young lady – daughter? – in the back seat. Wow, that kind of aggressive driving is really dangerous – the state of Maryland really looks down on it. So Kimberlin gets behind me and revs the engine in at me (it’s a Hyundai, and not one of the new cool ones = this makes me laugh).

But now my camera is ready. I got some good pics. Of Brett Kimberlin flipping me off!

Here’s one:

Anyway, way better souvenir!

Do check out the picture at the link.  That’s a badge of honor, Tim — bravo.

-I missed this one last Thursday: Matthew Vadum asks the important question Should nonprofits linked to ‘Anonymous’ and harassment stay tax-exempt? [tip of the fedora to Ace].

-Brett Kimberlin claims he received a settlement for ‘false imprisonment’, but we now know that’s Hogewash.

-Who is Stormpeedo and why is he/she/it harassing Patterico?

-The folks who started have issued a progress report on their efforts to remove Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin’s alleged non-profit organization, Velvet Revolution US, Inc, from the top results of search engine rankings and restore the real Velvet Revolution to it’s rightful place.  A highlight [tip of the fedora to Twitchy]:

From here it’s a long slog.

In order to succeed, we, the authors of Velvet Revolution (not affiliated with VelvetRevolution.US, Inc.), have to work. We have to write a series of interesting posts that inform, amuse, or entertain a number of readers sufficient to spread our message, that Brett Kimberlin is an arch-criminal who has hijacked the ideals of the true Velvet Revolutions of 1989, far and wide.

But you can help. As stated earlier, any link to this site, on any web page indexed by Google, any blog, or Twitter, or Facebook, or Tumblr, or on  新浪微博 assuming the censors let it through, increases this site’s Page rank, thus increasing the odds that anyone searching for information on the term “Velvet Revolution” will come to this site, rather than that of a convicted perjurer. (We assure you that none of us has ever been convicted of perjury.)

Of those, blogs are our primary target. We deeply appreciate links from weblogs, which tend to be frequently updated, draw more than a few eyeballs, and have permanent blogrolls. If you have a blog, have you considered adding this site, the original Velvet Revolution, to your blogroll? It costs only a few pixels and a few seconds of your time. Of course any site will do: If you’re the chairman of Pepsi, or the Dave behind, a link from your website to this site brings us closer to our goal.

Please do take the time to click here and read the rest and do what you can to help these good people.

-As for the whole controversy surround Ali Akbar and Paul Lemmen, it’s my goal to blog about it tomorrow.

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    Appreciate the link Bob. Stacy is basically the headliner in this little music show. ( what with his journalist expertise and contacts most of the rest of us don’t have.) All we can do is link him often and spread the word as best we can


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