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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+20 Part I: New Site Rightfully Reclaims ‘Velvet Revolution’ [Updated Below]

14 June 2012 @ 08:24

Via so many folks on Twitter that I can’t remember who was first [I think Matthew Vadum at @vadum], there’s a new site up called Velvet Revolution and it’s located at

From the About page [worth quoting in full]:

This site was founded in June 2012 to commemorate the peaceful overthrow of the Stalinist regime of Czechoslovakia in 1989. Led by students and dissidents, most notably playwright Vaclav Havel, the Velvet Revolution, as the movement came to be called, is an example of the power courage gives even the least of us to stand up to tyranny and oppression, if we only hold to our convictions. We seek to honor the deeds and the spirit of Vaclav Havel, Alexander Dubček, and all of the brave Czechs and Slovaks who seized freedom through non-violent protest.

The spirit of 1989 also calls us to honor those who fought and suffered, in the past and today, for freedom from tyranny wherever it may be found, from the famous, such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Cheng Guangcheng, to the faceless, such as the millions who suffer in the Lao Gai and in North Korea’s Gulag.

This site is in no way affiliated or associated with the American non-profit corporation known as “Velvet Revolution” run by Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin (a felon commonly known as “The Speedway Bomber” who was convicted of setting off multiple explosions in the town of Speedway, Indiana in 1978). This site is in no way endorsed by the American corporation known as “Velvet Revolution”. Anyone who says otherwise is itching for a fight.

In fact, we are convinced that the late Vaclav Havel would be appalled to learn that in the United States, the name of Czechoslovakia’s peaceful struggle against Stalinist despotism has been associated with that of a convicted terrorist such as Brett Kimberlin, who was found responsible by a jury of twelve citizens for the wrongful death of Carl DeLong in the Speedway bombings. We believe that it is a perversion to speak Kimberlin’s name in the same sentence as the innocent victims of Joseph Stalin, and the Czech quislings Klement Gottwald and Gustáv Husák.

Is that clear?

Quite and bravo for taking on this necessary task.

I urge you to bookmark the site and visit it frequently.

Here are highlights from two of their postings…

In this first one, writer ironandvelvet compares and contrasts Vaclav Havel and Brett Kimberlin. And, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, the latter does not fair well at all when contrasted with the former. A snippet:

Vaclav Havel: “We are convinced that this trial and harsh sentence meted out to a … prominent citizen of your country merely for thinking and speaking critically about various political and social issues was chiefly meant as a stern warning to others not to follow his path.”

Brett Kimberlin: “Mr. Walker has tweeted on Twitter about me in alarming and annoying ways over hundreds of times in the past week and urged others to attack me. He has generated hundreds of blog posts directly and indirectly based on false allegations that I framed him for an assault.”

Wisdom versus whining, eh?

In this latest one, author Z issues a call to arms to help the folks running the site in their task to restore the good name of Velvet Revolution, to help expose Brett Kimberlin and His Associates for what they are, and tactics for accomplishing these tasks. From the conclusion of this must-read post:

What are you getting out of this?


We will never advertise. We will never hold beg-a-thons. We will never create a tip jar. We will never ask for help with hosting or bandwidth fees. We will never create an account through Amazon where a portion of each sale goes to us. We’re not in this for money. No good blogger is. It’s not a money-making hobby.

We’re in it because we are offended, because we are committed anti-Communists, committed Czechophiles, and because we hate what Brett Kimberlin and his ilk are doing to this country.

Our only reward is the satisfaction of a job well done, and eventually, an enraged frivolous lawsuit from Brett Kimberlin or VelvetRevolution.US, Inc.

We recognize that this site will live or die, will rise or fall, on its own merits and the quality of its writing. We’re confident in ourselves, and we’re confident in you, our readers….

Godspeed to the owners of this site.


UPDATE at 2157…

-Thanks to Mike, That Mr. G Guy, and W.J.J. Hoge for linking.

-Kudos to the always-intrepid Michelle Malkin for tirelessly working to protect Freedom Of Speech.

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