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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+19 Part I: Neal Begins To Peel

13 June 2012 @ 14:10

Is Neil Rauhauser, longtime associate of convicted domestic terrorist and perjurer Brett Kimberlin, starting to lose it? Brooks Bayne offers that ‘Neal is showing us that he’s either a paranoid delusional kook, a compulsive liar, or both.’.

And who are Lane Lipton and ‘Danny Shays’?

Brooks Bayne’s two most recent postings are essential reads, as they continue the peeling back of the onion that is this saga.

Stacy McCain’s recent two are also necessary and important perusing.

May I suggest you read them in the following order [not chronological, but, easier (relatively speaking), I think, to follow]:

1. Stacy: A High Time on the Low Road: Smears Target Brett Kimberlin’s Enemies List UPDATE: SWATting Supect ID’d?

2. Brooks: BREAKING: Witness Claims To Know The Identity Of The SWATter – Is This Rauhauser’s Beandog?

3. Stacy: Time to Ask: What Did Brett Kimberlin Know and When Did He Know It?

4: Brooks: Neal Rauhauser Elaborates On Which Beandog is Guilty: “I have some stuff on the most likely swatter.”

Make of it what you will, but any analysis you have would be appreciated.

It’s certainly a tangled web that is becoming even more Byzantine.

I’m with TOM commentators Dianna Deeley and Ladd Ehlinger, who comment respectively:

Is anyone else reading this as diversion and trying to turn everyone against poor Mike Stack? Especially with the later "It’s a guy named Brett Warren" email.


…I’m not buying this new swatter scenario yet.

Be vigilant and skeptical.

I will update if the need arises.

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  1. 13 June 2012 @ 15:53 15:53

    The crackpot is cracking.
    Stacy had asked the other day if the guy maybe had syphilis since he appears to be clearly going mad, but if I remember correctly, isn’t this the guy who said he had Lyme Disease? Lyme attacks the brain (in a manner similar to syphilis) so if you’re already a wackjob to begin with, well it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to scramble some already busted eggs if you know what I mean.

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