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Ten Million Hits U.C.

09 June 2012 @ 14:36

One of the ‘tells’ of Robert Stacy McCain in his writing, one of his ticks, is his use of the phrase ‘you see’ at the end of a sentence to give a certain fact or conclusion more emphasis, but not to be overly dramatic about it [you see].

A perfect example of the tell in action can be found in his latest posting [emphasis mine]:

The “other business” that beckoned was an hour-long appearance on Da Tech Guy’s radio show on WCRN-AM in Worcester, Massachusetts, where I closed with a rant pointing out something that enrages me: In January 2007, Massimo Calabresi of Time magazine wrote a 2,000-word article that exposed Brett Kimberlin for “repeatedly asserting as fact things that are not true.” If only other major news organizations had picked up on Calabresi’s article — if they had just done their jobs — Kimberlin’s menace to First Amendment rights might have been thwarted.

Instead, they stayed silent. And here we are, you see.

The point is driven home, but with a gentle nudge rather than the sledgehammer wielded by bolding and/or formatting the text in red.

I bring this all up to one (1) praise the intricacy and sophistication of Stacy’s skill as a writer and reporter and (2) to show-off [all my posts, in one way or another, it should be added, attempt #2 — ask Mrs. B.].

At 0724 hours EST this morning, The Other McCain logged it’s ten millionth unique hit:


Remember when an alleged “singer,” performing under the name Champagne Dream, recorded an unspeakably wretched version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama”?

Alas, the video has been removed from the Internet, so that readers can no longer experience the weird combination of insane laughter and projectile vomiting that Champagne’s performance invariably produced. More than two years later, however, the April 2010 blog post about that bizarre musical monstrosity – “VIDEO: Hate Crime Caught on Camera! – retains the all-time record for the most-commented post in the history of

We just recorded our 10 millionth hit — 6.7 million since Smitty switched us from the original Blogspot format to the custom WordPress site on New Year’s Day 2010….

In celebration, you can relive the Top Twenty Most Commented Posts [it’s interesting just what subjects ‘bing on da noise, bring on da funk’].

As you can see from the lede of Stacy’s post, he’s still having to exist in hiding, all because a group of Leftist thugs [one of whom is a convicted drug dealer, convicted domestic terrorist, and a possible murderer] are after him, waiting to harass and, perhaps, even harm him or his family.  This is the only sad note on this happy occasion, but it is tempered by the knowledge that the battle many have been waging to expose this cabal and have legal action taken against them is positively moving forward to, I believe, a sweet victory.

That The Camp Of The Saints enjoys any popularity at all is due, in large measure, to the kindnesses shown to me by Stacy, Smitty, and Wombat.  They have allowed me to hang around them and bask in some reflected glory [and hits], teaching me much about blogging and Internet manners.  They have also put up with my occasional moodiness, always ready to forgive any indiscretions, any faux pas.

Stacy and his gang have made a lot of friends since he began blogging in the early days of 2008, during the Last Year Before The Fall Of The American Republic, and they are joining in the celebration.  Here are a few samples:

-Some have compared Stacy, Smitty, and Wombat to The Three Stooges, but I think Evi’s gotten it dead-on right.


Robert Stacy McCain’s blog, “The Other McCain,” achieved Ten Million Hits today. That clearly places “The Other McCain” into the pantheon of greatest conservative blogs.

McCain, an experienced professional journalist, has run his blog like a small newspaper, with him as the star reporter. McCain has appeared at many critical political events (most recently some of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests) and interviewed people at the scene, including some well known personalities like Todd Palin and Andrew Breitbart.

-Also check out the celebratory posts by: Donald Douglas, The Daley Gator, Nice Deb,

I will leave you with Stacy’s latest theme song…

Oh!…and don’t forget the most important thing…


  1. theebl permalink
    09 June 2012 @ 16:58 16:58

    Thanks for the plug! I am surprised that Stacy, Smitty and Wombat did not embrace my video suggestion. But I appreciate you got it.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    10 June 2012 @ 01:37 01:37

    I’ve personally thought of the Other McCain as a rock trio, with Stacy as vocals/guitar getting the attention, Smitty laying down one heck of a bass line, and Wombat keeping the whole thing going on the drums. Works, doesn’t it?

    • 10 June 2012 @ 16:54 16:54

      As a musician, let me say you idea makes sense, but, with my experiencee in bands, let me inform you of the implications: all bass players are weird [usually perverse] and all drummers are bats–t crazy.

  3. 14 August 2014 @ 18:24 18:24

    Yes! Finally something about pool toys.


  1. TEN MILLION HITS! and Presenting … Our Top 20 Most Commented Posts : The Other McCain

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