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The #BrettKimberlin Report D+12 Part I: Aaron Walker Files Appeal / Some Good News

06 June 2012 @ 09:21

Here’s the press release from the National Bloggers Club [tip of the fedora to Michelle Malkin]:

June 6, 2012
Contact: Ali Akbar
ali (888) 308-3606


WASHINGTON, DC — The National Bloggers Club, Inc. is announcing that it will continue to raise funds to provide financial relief to member Aaron Walker. An appeal to the peace order granted by Judge C.J. Vaughey was filed Monday.

Last week, the Maryland judge issued a 6-month peace order and jailed attorney Aaron Walker, preventing him from mentioning Brett Kimberlin in public. A blogger and Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney wrote of the decision: “[T]his is a clear-cut case of a First Amendment violation — about as clear-cut as you’ll ever hear.” Since then, Walker has been working with a new legal team and the National Bloggers Club to legally restore his free speech rights.

“We’ve got over a dozen lawyers coordinating on this now, volunteering their time. Aaron’s First Amendment rights are being violated when he is barred from even being able to publicly mention the case or Kimberlin’s violent past,” said Bloggers Club president Ali A. Akbar.

Akbar continued, “Yesterday they came after the Bloggers Club and my family — my family. We’re not stopping. We’ve got to raise $5,000 more dollars to continue to stand with Aaron Walker and I’m positive supporters will continue to step up.”

The National Bloggers Club is working to promote, where supporters continue to give financial and written support to this cause.

In keeping with the ruling of the court, Walker’s response was simply: “Thank you.”

PLEASE give if you can and spread the word.

More good news, this time from Eugene Volokh [worth quoting in full]:

I’m pleased to say that I’ll be consulting with Aaron Walker’s defense lawyer in the case I discussed last week, in which a Maryland judge issued a “peace order” — in other states, generally called a “restraining order” — that the judge seemed to interpret as limiting Aaron Walker’s blogging about Brett Kimberlin. (See, e.g., this audio recording, starting at 46:01.)

I should note that I was approached to participate in this case only after my earlier post on the subject, which was written in my capacity as a blogger and an academic who is writing about such questions, not a lawyer. Naturally, if I blog further about this case in the future, I will note my participation in it as a lawyer.

UPDATE: Whoops, sorry, meant to say this, but forgot until a commenter reminded me — I’m participating in the case without pay.

Thank you, sir.

As Joy McCann says:

…Professor Volokh is one of the blogosphere’s true gentlemen, but he has a mind like a scalpel. And he’s forgotten more about the Bill of Rights than most constitutional scholars ever knew. The fight just got fairer, but far less . . . equal.

Please keep the professor’s family in your thoughts, and the families of all who have stuck their necks out; we know how the anti-speech forces play this game. "Outing" Ali Akbar’s mother is just . . . it’s how these bottom-feeders work. Pity the anti-speechers, but keep your guard up, too.

Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow.

NOTE: I’ll have more in another post later today, including commentary on Ace’s idea for making Friday a National Day Of Blogger Silence and, of course, any breaking news.

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