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OUTRAGE: #BrettKimberlin Victim, Aaron Walker, Taken Into Custody [Updated: Walker Released]

29 May 2012 @ 13:36


From Stacy McCain:

Aaron Walker, whose complaint against convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin became a conservative cause célèbre this past week, was reportedly taken into custody today after a court hearing in Rockville, Maryland.

One person who attended the hearing in Montgomery County District Court said that Kimberlin asserted that Walker’s continued blogging represented a violation of a “peace order” Kimberlin had obtained against the Virginia attorney, who says Kimberlin tried to “frame” him for assault earlier this year.

During the course of the hearing — which reportedly lasted about an hour — Judge C.J. Vaughey appeared to become increasingly hostile toward Walker, who was taken into custody when the hearing concluded.

Keep checking over at Stacy’s place for further updates.

UPDATE at 1955…

-We got word a short while ago that Aaron Walker has been released from jail — got the word from the man himself.

Dan Collins comments:

Undoubtedly, convicted terrorist and serial perjurer Brett Kimberlin and his supporters and enablers believe that this is a great and glorious victory. They are mistaken. This is the beginning of the end for Kimberlin’s online and lawfaring terror spree.

We’re going to be seeing you in court a lot, Mr. Kimberlin. Enjoy discovery.

The key is to untangle the web of associates of Kimberlin and expose them all.

-Walt Gilbert, The Damn Dirty RINO, has a damn fine post up asking where are NRO, The Weekly Standard, Andrew McCarthy, Mark Steyn, etc. on this whole story.  Why haven’t they helped get the word out?

He also offers some good advice on criticisms of Mr. Walker’s decision to represent himself at today’s hearing.  Be careful of some of them — he explains why. 

[I should state for the record that I think it was a big mistake for Mr. Walker to be his own attorney.  When your livelihood and that of your wife have been disrupted so completely as there’s have been, when you have been under constant attack from a dangerous and violent thug, when you are faced with the possibility that you could be SWATted at any moment, Reason dictates that you bring in a third party to calmly represent you.  The most strong-willed man cannot be expected to fully control his emotions in such a situation, especially not with the inevitable adrenaline surges you’ll be experiencing.]

-Expect another update soon.

UPDATE at 2045…

-We have a first-hand account from Munsey here of the proceedings in the court [tip of the fedora to the Soopermexican].

-There has been a lot of confusion over why and for what reason Mr. Walker was taken into custody.  Munsey commentator novaculus wrote [at 1402 EST this afternoon]:

Not contempt, nor a warrant on the older assault case, which someone in the clerk’s office is unhelpfully suggesting. It is a new case, apparently initiated by Kimberlin late last week for the purpose of getting a warrant issued so that Walker would be arrested today.

Case No 5D00279004

Warrant issued on May 27,2012 for Failure To Obey a Peace Order

Pretty clear what happened. Kimberlin knows how these things work. Filing a complaint for violation of a peace order cause a warrant to be issued with virtually no review, a rubber stamp process. Kimberlin apparently initiated that process to get a warrant issued at the last minute, so no one would know. No doubt he informed the sheriff that Walker would be in court.

Walker’s detention will be reviewed shortly by a commissioner. He should be released thereafter, assuming the commissioner in not another retired dementia case sitting for a competent person.

Over at Stacy McCain’s site, the same author wrote [at 1821 EST]:

I did some checking. Someone in the clerk’s office is giving out some bad info, I think, to the effect that Walker was arrested on a warrant in the 2nd degree assault case Kimberlin had caused to be filed.

But it appears that Walker was arrested in a new case (5D00279004) for Failure to Obey a Peace Order. The warrant was issued MAY 27, 2012.

Looks like Kimberlin gamed the system again. He knows how the system works, particularly as it relates to these peace orders. He apparently filed a new claim that Walker violated the previously issued temporary peace order late last week. Those are processed immediately, and so over the weekend a commissioner seeing only the PC affidavit and the charges found probable cause and issued a warrant as a matter of course.

No doubt Kimberlin advised the sheriff’s office that the subject of the brand new warrant was going to be in court this morning.

A commissioner eill review Walker’s detention this afternoon.

Update: Walker has been released from custody.

This would indicate that, as I stated yesterday, Kimberlin is possessed of a low cunning, because this was a cute move on his part.  No matter what happened in the hearing this morning, Aaron Walker was going to be taken into custody the moment he left the courtroom.

Expect another Update.

UPDATE at 2127…

-Over at Investor’s Business Daily, reporter David Hogberg has filed his report on the courtroom proceedings [he was there].  A highlight:

A few thoughts: First, never represent yourself. Walker clearly needed an attorney.

Second, it seems that Vaughey doesn’t understand how the Internet works. I or anyone else can write a blog post about “Person A” and urge others to write about it. But I have no control over whether other people do that. And I certainly have no control over whether someone sends a threatening email or tweet to Person A after reading my blog post. Surely, the people who send threatening emails and such should face consequences. But as long as I do not write something along the lines of “send Person A a nasty email,” I’m not in anyway at fault. And looking over Aaron Walker’s blog, it’s clear he never told anyone to do such a thing to Kimberlin.

But, according to Vaughey’s reasoning, I would be at fault. If that’s indeed the case, well, you can probably figure out that the First Amendment has just been gutted.

-Sister Toldjah has an informative post up on Lawfare.

Jeff Goldstein:

This is absolutely surreal. And frightening.

In other words: it’s Obama’s Amerika.

-Ladd Ehlinger has some spot-on travel advice.

-Evi’s take can be found here.

-Attorney and all-around intrepid gal Roxeanne de Luca has offered her services pro bono to the National Bloggers Club — way to go Roxe!


-Twitchy’s excellent aggregation.

-Michelle Malkin’s post on this can be found here.


The National Bloggers Club has set up a fund to do just that.

You can donate securely by clicking here;
if you prefer using PayPal, click here — I did.

  1. 29 May 2012 @ 15:11 15:11

    Need we speculate that the Judge was a liberal cockroach?

  2. 29 May 2012 @ 16:04 16:04

    What the freaking hells?!? This moron judge is actually buying Kimberlin’s load of malarkey? I think it is time for a second day of highlighting what a freaking libtard douche nozzle Brett Kimberlin is as well as informing the public of the plight Aaron Walker and other conservative bloggers are going through due to freaktard’s shenanigans. .

  3. 29 May 2012 @ 16:34 16:34

    Free Aaron Walker!

  4. 29 May 2012 @ 21:15 21:15

    I’m thankful that novoculus could straighten out the facts for us. This is terrible news, but I bet that Walker gets legal representation now. I don’t blame him, btw, for trying to deal with this thing himself. With both he and wife losing their jobs, and all the costs already associated with dealing with Kimberlin’s lawfare, and with the fact that he is, after all, doing nothing wrong. I’d be tempted to do the same, in his shoes. When you have that degree, you just think, well, I can do this . . .

    It has become too emotionally distressing to handle pro se, however. He ended up walking straight into a sociopath’s trap.

    Hey, maybe he can recoup some money by selling the screenplay once this is all over. I’m always looking for a silver lining . . .

    thanks for all the updating and all your hard work, Mr. B. I’ll be visiting that donation site now.


    • 29 May 2012 @ 23:26 23:26

      You’re quite welcome.

      He ended up walking straight into a sociopath’s trap. That’s THE comment of the day.

    • novaculus permalink
      30 May 2012 @ 06:10 06:10

      “He ended up walking straight into a sociopath’s trap.”

      He did. And he knew who he was dealing with. And he still failed to grasp the capacity of a sociopath to exploit the situation. He is a lawyer, but I’m thinking he hasn’t spent a lot of time in the trenches.

      • thecampofthesaints permalink
        30 May 2012 @ 07:25 07:25

        Factor into that the emotional roller-coaster he and his wife have been on for quite some time and you have a nice recipe for disaster.

        Your clarifications on what happened were very useful – thank you.

  5. novaculus permalink
    30 May 2012 @ 05:57 05:57

    I appreciate the recognition. I posted this info on several blogs, including a couple of prominent law blogs. At some of them, they are still trying to figure out what happened. Apparently they post stuff, but they don’t read the comments. Law professors usually don’t have much experience in the real world where players game the system like Kimberlin does every day, if not as often or as adroitly. When the first news broke of Walker’s arrest, they didn’t make sense, legally. So I did some digging.

    It is hard for me to understand how Walker could have gone into this hearing without counsel, except in terms of arrogance. Had he called me for advice, I would have checked around to find the best lawyer the judges like to play golf with, and told him to hire that guy.

    I wonder if the judge who was replaced by the retired Vaughney took a convenient “sick day” today. And I wonder who was the lawyer who represented Kimberlin today. Some interesting things to look into tomorrow.

    • 30 May 2012 @ 12:36 12:36

      When the details on those law blogs didn’t make sense to me, I scrolled down the comment thread more thoroughly than usual, looking for that nugget of key info that’s sometimes buried down there. And there you were, God bless you.

      And I 100% agree with you about how professors, and likely Walker himself based on his missteps, often don’t have much real experience with the games that occur at the entry level of criminal law–the police station, the everyday court proceedings–the trenches, so to speak. Kimberlin clearly knows those trenches like the back of his hand.

      I still understand how Walker could talk himself into going without counsel, though. I wouldn’t even call it arrogance. Maybe pride. Oh and avoiding the expense. How many times do we pay a lawyer and then think, I coulda done that myself, if someone had given me a sample will/demand letter/contract of sale to go by. And when you are a lawyer yourself, oh the temptation to “handle it yourself” is so strong.

      After yesterday, however, I sure hope he’s getting that counsel. It’ll be worth every penny.


    • 30 May 2012 @ 12:38 12:38

      “I wonder if the judge who was replaced by the retired Vaughney took a convenient “sick day” today. And I wonder who was the lawyer who represented Kimberlin today. Some interesting things to look into tomorrow.”

      Very interesting questions. Keep us posted over here if you learn anything, pretty please?

  6. loopyloo305 permalink
    30 May 2012 @ 09:45 09:45

    Bob, I realize that this is off point but I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award at I’m 41. You have a lot of competition including Stacy McCain, Ace of Spade, Pam Geller and Zilla of the Resistance. Voting will be open for a couple of more weeks. Check it out and I will be voting for you my friend.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      30 May 2012 @ 10:25 10:25

      I am honored! Thank you, Loo.

      This means I’ve got the loopy vote!

      • loopyloo305 permalink
        30 May 2012 @ 11:15 11:15

        Absolutely my friend, you have the loopy vote!!!! LOL


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