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Things That Make Hillary Go ‘Hmmm’

23 May 2012 @ 13:34

From The Corner, John Fund reporting, we learn:

In this month’s West Virginia primary a convicted felon serving time in a Texas prison won over 40 percent of the vote. Last night, in Kentucky’s primary “Uncommitted” won 42 percent of the vote and actually carried a majority of the state’s 120 counties over the incumbent president. Dozens of traditionally Democratic counties — including the coal region around Pikeville — spurned Obama. They obviously included many of the Democratic primary voters who Obama said in 2008 continued to “cling” to guns and religion. They certainly aren’t clinging to their incumbent president this year.

In Arkansas last night, Obama faced a live, non-felon opponent name John Wolfe Jr. who won 42 percent of the vote. A lawyer from Tennessee, Wolfe is a former Obama supporter who says Obama has been captured by special interests….

Wolfe will next face off against President Obama in the Texas primary, which will be held next Tuesday.

I wonder if Mzzz Rodham is kicking herself [or Bill, again] over not running against the Douche-Nozzle-In-Chief. Watch out for the flying ashtrays, Bubba [if she hits you with one, you can always put some ice on it].

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    23 May 2012 @ 13:56 13:56

    I read somewhere that Bill was supposed to have been pushing Hillary to do just that. Pity she didn’t, it would have destroyed the party.

    • Pathfinder's wife permalink
      24 May 2012 @ 08:55 08:55

      They won’t do that. For the Dems, the party is everything (and for good reason: it helps individual Dems gain and keep power…there is no ideological goal beyond that, no ethics, nothing, so they don’t worry about “purity”).

      By the way: that is not a complement.

      Besides, Hillary won’t run against Obama — the Chicago connection has too much dirt on her, and while she has dirt on them too it would only mean mutually assured destruction.
      The economy is going to take a nosedive anyway, and whoever is in charge will likely take the blame big time — better to just sit back, rake in some fat dirty stash, and enjoy being cashiered. That’s the way it looks.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    23 May 2012 @ 21:00 21:00

    Someone running against Mr. Obama, seriously, in the Primaries, might have shown him the need to pull to the right.

    Of course, Mr. Clinton’s primary concern was keeping Mr. Clinton in office, but that made him a far easier creature to deal with. Mr. Obama seems to be entranced by the far left, and unwilling to change for anything.

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