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Show Me The Money: The Breitbart Awards [Updated Below]

22 May 2012 @ 09:39

The Heritage Foundation and the Franklin Center have announced the following [tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain]:

Andrew Breitbart pioneered a new media revolution that transformed journalism and the political landscape. As we continue to morn his tragic passing, we also seek to ensure that his legacy is honored and that the movement he spawned continues on with the army of citizen activists that he cultivated and inspired.

The Heritage Foundation and Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity ask for your assistance in paying tribute to the monumental achievements of Andrew Breitbart’s work, and the recognition of those who continue his legacy by carrying the torch for freedom and truth.

We will honor three individuals – from the realms of professional journalism, blogging, and citizen activism – whose efforts advance the spirit of Andrew Breitbart’s work. Nominations will be accepted for individuals who are driven by an indomitable pursuit for truth and accountability, and whose work has broken meaningful ground in advancing those causes on behalf of the public good.

Full-time Reporter: In a media environment that tells reporters to go along to get along, a few still consider it a sacred trust to keep the people informed. A few still recognize the awesome responsibility in belonging to the only profession to be enshrined in the Bill of Rights. We’ll present one Breitbart Award to a full-time news reporter to honor courage and honesty in telling the real stories that matter to people’s lives.

Blogger: When the legacy media fails to do its job, we are fortunate to have an army waiting on the Internet to hold the institutions of power accountable. We’ll honor a blogger for intrepid reporting that goes over the heads of the legacy media to communicate directly to the people.

Citizen: The fight for freedom requires a constant stream of new recruits willing to make time in their lives to serve as watchdogs in their local communities. We’ll honor an information activist committed to digging up the truth.

Nominations must be submitted by Midnight EST on Tuesday, May 22nd to be considered.

I have sent the following e-mail to the folks at Heritage and Franklin:

To Whom It May Concern:

I was very interested to hear that you will be honoring Andrew Breitbart, who, I believe, all of us fighting to restore our freedoms and liberties owe a great debt to for showing us the way to battle the Left.

I think the three categories you have come up with, Full-Time Reporter, Blogger, and Citizen, are spot-on in that it means you recognize the importance of all the kinds of people Mr. Breitbart encouraged and championed.

My only concern is this: will Mr. Breitbart’s family be receiving any of the monies raised by this event? If so, what percentage?

It would seem only proper that they are remunerated for any monies made off of his legacy and name.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

Bob Belvedere

I will let you know what happens.

UPDATE at 1917…

I received this reply, that I quote in full, a short while ago:


Thanks for your note. The Heritage Foundation and Franklin Center are both non-profit organizations. I can assure you there’s no attempt to profit from the Breitbart Awards, and we’ve worked closely with Andrew’s business associates to ensure we have their full support. We appreciate your concern.

Rob Bluey

I just sent off the following inquiry because I was not satisfied with the answer:

Mr. Bluey…

Thank you for the quick reply.

However, my questions were not answered.

Perhaps, it was a failure on my part to be clear enough.

First, let me state that I have the highest respect for both organizations and, in fact, was a member of Heritage for a period in the 1990’s.

It is my understanding that there will be an awards ceremony, perhaps as part of a dinner. Further, it is my understanding that such occasions are used by organizations such as your two to raise money. I have no problem with that, especially as both Heritage and Franklin do necessary work. My question is: If I am correct that money will be raised, will any part of the money raised be given to Mr. Breitbart’s Family?

Thank you,
Bob Belvedere

I will let you know what happens.

Am I out of line here?

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    22 May 2012 @ 21:34 21:34

    Out of line? IMO that would depend on the family, if they were consulted and approve I’ve no problem with this. Consulting with “Andrew’s business associates” might not be the same thing.


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