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‘It’s A Gay World’

14 May 2012 @ 14:35

So said my beloved Aunt Millie a few years before she passed away in 2004. I’ve asked The Catholic Church to declare her a Prophet, perhaps, eventually, a Saint for this observation that was dismissed at the time by many of those who heard her say it. She sensed that something was up, that the Homosexuals™ were trying to pull something [no pun intended].

And she was right.

Of course, ultimately, none of this is about ‘gay rights’. It’s another offensive from the Left that has as it’s core strategy in the war against Western Civilization destroying The West by sowing Chaos in our Society.

The Left would have us ‘let it all hang out’ and, as Rousseau advocated, return to state of nature, because this would create Chaos. In Leftist Thinking, Chaos provides an opportunity for themselves to ride in and restore order. This allows them to claim power as their reward for doing so and makes the people much more amenable to going along with their ‘re-educational’ schemes.

One of the main tactics employed by the Left in it’s quest to unleash Anarchy is the undermining of all institutions and traditions.

Marriage is one of the central ones that helps preserve order, so it must be destroyed through it’s distortion; it must be so perverted and torn from it’s actual meaning as to be left with no meaning.

Many of the homosexuals who go along with the push for ‘gay marriage’ are Dupes and Useful Idiots who really believe all of the BS being spouted in favor of ‘gay marriage’. The are being played for suckers by the Left, who are using them as merely a means in achieving their ends.

Many of the homosexuals who go along with the push for ‘gay marriage’ are willing Fellow Travellers who know deep down that this whole michegas is about bringing down Western Culture and they don’t care. This is because they are Nihilists who hate themselves and hate Life so much that they want to drag the world down with them into their pit of despair and death.

There are some heterosexuals who support changing the meaning of what marriage is because they are Libertarians — ideologues. And all ideologues are forced by their belief in systems of ideas to take those ideas to their logical conclusions. They are members of what I like to call The Cult Of Ideology. Their behavior is like those of the members of any cult, only in this case their is no mesmerizing, charismatic, and Authoritarian leader to follow, but a mesmerizing, charismatic, and Authoritarian idea. What makes such behavior especially dangerous is that the idea was developed in the sterile laboratories of their minds, away from Real Life, from Reality.

One such Libertarian who is, it seems, in the throes of The Cult is Bill Quick, the Daily Pundit. He has been attacking Smitty for his posts which have been exposing the absurdity of the whole ‘gay marriage’ fantasy.

Smitty has responded like the gentleman he is in two postings.

A highlight from the first:

[Quick wrote:] I support general civil rights for gays and their relationships, just as Obama does. I further regard most who oppose them as doing so almost entirely out of bigotry of one sort or another.

[Smitty:] Does my commitment to a “form follows function” analysis of genitalia render me hopelessly bigoted? Sorry, I’m just an engineer. Systems have their design, work well, and prosper, or not. If something is in the “or not” category, then no amount of Postmodern, emotional stabbing of rationality is going to move it out of the “or not” category.

Quick responded in part by claiming that people are born homosexual and that the ‘weight of scientific evidence’ proves this to be so. Smitty replies in his second posting:

Yeah, I’ll see your ‘scientific evidence’ and raise you some Anthropogenic Global Warming, Bill. Are you implying that gayness is a genetic defect?

I have actually studied a bit of Biochemistry, and I’m confident that the Gay Grail, or “Grayl” which you seek just doesn’t exist. In terms of the OSI Stack, I’d venture that sexuality is a Layer 1 implementation, and homosexuality is Layer 7. Taking your argument, then, are you really going to treat gayness as a birth defect? Really?

That is exactly what Quick is saying. What Quick doesn’t go on to say is that, if this were true [and the 'weight of scientific evidence' is anorexic, at this point] then his Libertarian Ideology demands that parents be allowed to abort children with the ‘gay gene’ if they don’t want to raise a homosexual — his logic demands that this be allowed.

In Ideology always lies madness.

Do take the time to read both of Smitty’s postings — they’re succinct expressions of Right Reason in a world turned upside down by ideologues.

And do read the discussions going on in both Comments sections. The Other McCain attracts some of the most thoughtful folks.

  1. 14 May 2012 @ 17:01 17:01

    Thank you for the very kind summary of the whole thing.
    I don’t bear Mr. Quick any ill-will. In fact, if you go back to the post defending GayPatriot at The Examiner, it seems that Mr. Quick picked the fight.
    Go figure.


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