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Denial Is A River In Stacy McCain’s Back Yard

03 May 2012 @ 18:11

Although, I’m sure he’ll deny that fact.

When I get on Twitter later this evening, I intended to start using the hashtag started by Zilla Of The Resistance: #NotGoodEnoughForRomCon.

But, hey, at least I’m in very good company: The Lonely Conservative, William Jacobson, and Zilla, to name a few.

Robert Stacy McCain: He would have made CREEP proud.

Wonder if Tabitha Hale was there?

    • 04 May 2012 @ 18:18 18:18

      Thank you, Zilla.

      It’s nice to know: You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  1. Rosalie permalink
    06 May 2012 @ 20:50 20:50

    It looks as though someone mentioned that name (I refuse to even type) when that photo was taken of Stacy.


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