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I Swear By The Guccis Below My Feet…

30 April 2012 @ 11:00

Alternative Title: Spare The Axelrod, Spoil The Man-Child

Regular reader of these Dispatches know that your humble correspondent likes him a good Fisking of a Bolshevik to start off his morning. Nothing gets the old juices flowing [and, in me, they are beyond the sell date] than some surgeon of the word dissecting the rotting corpse known as a Leftist argument.

However, I am realistic enough to know that this fine skill is difficult and that, therefore, the demand for such Fisks far outweighs the supply. So, we Fisk Addicts have to find other ways to curb our serious joneses.

Thankfully, Dr. Smitty, a master Fisker, is also highly skilled at wielding the sword of sarcasm and, under the nom de plume of Sissypuss The Blog Kitty, he has provided us with a dose of metaphoric morphine in the form of an interview from 01 June 2013 with David Axelrod who, after the debacle that played out over the Summer and Fall of 2012, left politics to form his own rock band Confiscated Guns & Subsidized Roses.

A highlight:

Sissypuss: David, my man: how the heck are ya? You look like you have actually slept in the last few weeks.

Axelrod: Yeah, I’m glad I bailed when I did. Valerie Jarrett is still doing the Syd Barrettthing, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

S: Well, she was out there, even before the Meltdown. But that kind of thing doesn’t just happen. What was your first sign that there was a problem?

A: I’d have to point to Sandra Fluke. We had laid set up the play as early as the January GOP debate. But when we handed the ball to Sandra Fluke, it all went sideways. We lost the tempo.

S: Limbaugh. . .

A: Yeah, I still haven’t figured out whether Rush deliberately threw out some bait for us, of if he actually screwed up by calling Fluke the word that rhymes with mutt, and then just recovered masterfully. Either way, he’s a genius. [Deep breath] Wow, I can say that now.

I urge you to take the time to click here and read the whole interview, so that, like me, you will get your needed medicinal fix and be able to carry on the fight against the Doctor Feel Goods.

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