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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

26 April 2012 @ 14:07

…is awarded to Paco, scion of the [in]famous Paco Family, for succinctly stating our main dilemma:

That this guy’s [Obama's] approval ratings aren’t down around the level of Herbert Hoover’s circa November 1932 is a tribute to the sycophancy of the mainstream media, and to the ignorance and willful blindness of increasingly large segments of the population. God help us.


The sycophancy fancy of the media is no surprise, if one is a student of American History: we expect the former to lean toward the butts of our political class because the history of journalism has always been about advocacy — the Neutral Objective Media myth of the past century notwithstanding. Since media began, it has been a highly partisan profession, usually adopting the philosophy of the owner of the publication or outlet, sometimes the publisher and sometimes the editor. It has only been within the last hundred years that the Left has successfully created the false truth that journalism can be as purely objective as God. They did so in order to hide their stealth twisting of the facts designed to suit their nefarious Narratives and give these distortions the sheen of neutrality.

As for the latter: this is a result of the failure of the American people to understand that constitutional republics cannot resist a descent into Tyranny [be it Socialism or Democracy or Fascism] if they do not (1) pull guard duty over our freedoms and liberties, (2) protect and encourage the presence of Judeo-Christian religions in the Public Square and in private life, and (3) do not pass on to their descendants the wisdom of John Adams: ‘Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.’ We are perishing in an orgy of luxurious thinking, where we blithfully ignore our civic responsibilities in order to prevent any disruptions to our charmed little lives. If you are born in America, then you are among the few who have been blessed by God with very good fortune. What too often gets forgotten completely is that being visited by such grace requires one to shoulder certain responsibilities. If these burdens — and they are relatively light compared to what non-Americans shoulder — are not picked up, then the unscrupulous and evil will exploit this negligence by rushing in and taking over — as they have and continue to do.

  1. 26 April 2012 @ 16:39 16:39

    The super debt cycle collapse that we are facing later this decade will be ugly, but if Obama is re-elected it will be a sign that the US people are thirsting for their self destruction.

    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      26 April 2012 @ 19:18 19:18

      And they’ll get it Obamsky reelected or not.

      • 26 April 2012 @ 19:44 19:44

        Sadly, I can’t reasonably disagree with you, Adobe.

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