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Rule 5 Saturday

21 April 2012 @ 19:05

R O S A M U N D   P I K E . . .

Please click on the image above to see full-size.

Please click on the image above to see full-size.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    21 April 2012 @ 20:16 20:16

    A lovely English Rose.

    • M. Thompson permalink
      22 April 2012 @ 02:52 02:52

      Also, a great smile. Never something that’s possible to overrate the importance of

      • 22 April 2012 @ 19:39 19:39

        One of the things I look for is a gal who smiles.

        True beauty is a combination of physical looks + personality + soul.

  2. formwiz permalink
    21 April 2012 @ 23:36 23:36

    Oh, yes.

    A grand actress of the old school and a real beauty. I thought she stole the show from Halle Berry in “Die Another Day”.

    You have granted one of my wishes, sir.

    A grand weekend to you.

    • 22 April 2012 @ 19:41 19:41

      Was it you that mentioned her to me in a past comment. Someone did and I looked her up. The first pictures I found were numbers three and eleven – and I was hooked.

      • formwiz permalink
        23 April 2012 @ 17:31 17:31

        Quite possibly. I have been a fan ever since “Die Another Day”.

        IIRC, you had one pic of her and I may have suggested a full post.

        As Thompson elegantly put it, an english Rose.


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