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Levon Has Been Released

21 April 2012 @ 18:43

Musician, singer, songwriter, actor, and entertainer Levon Helm has passed away [The Hollywood Reporter’s obit may be found here].

He was one of the best at what he did in the field of music and not a bad character actor to boot.

Perhaps it would not be a overeggaretion to say the Mr. Helm was the soul of The Band, one of the greatest groups to ever play Rock And Roll music.  Unlike so many other groups in the genre, I think it safe to say that many of The Band’s compositions will be sung for many centuries hence, so much in the grand tradition of real folk music was a lot of their work.  That would not have been possible without the presence of Levon Helm.

While one feels a certain sadness that another great musician has passed and that this means only two members of The Band remain alive, I believe a celebration of the man and The Band is in order…

-A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one…

-Honey, you know we broke the rules…

-She used to waltz on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi…

-Someday, everything is gonna be smooth like a rhapsody…

-And I never felt so alone…

-Put your makeup one, fix your hair up pretty…

Stacy McCain Virgil Cain is my name…

-I pulled into Nazareth…

-This last one’s for you, Levon

Any day now
Any way how
I shall be released

  1. 21 April 2012 @ 20:56 20:56

    Nice selection Bob. Didn’t know ya had it in ya. 😉

    • 22 April 2012 @ 19:43 19:43

      Thank you. I’ve been hooked on The Band since I saw The Last Waltz.

  2. SOYLENT GREEN permalink
    21 April 2012 @ 22:56 22:56

    I went with “Don’t Do It” and “Life Is A Carnival” for my obit.
    He’ll be missed.

  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    21 April 2012 @ 23:54 23:54

    Saw them at the Capital Center (Largo MD) when they were touring with Dylan.

  4. SOYLENT GREEN permalink
    22 April 2012 @ 19:58 19:58

    Oh, and you might like this too, just sayin.’

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