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The Mormon Conquest

20 April 2012 @ 09:07

I must admit that, last year when Stacy McCain began warning us that the Left would be ruthless in stoking the flames of anti-Mormonism, I was a bit cynical that they would go that far. I was wrong, as he has been documenting since early March. Luckily, in a making lemonade out of lemons sense, I am in the position to blame my failure to see the wisdom in what he said on Chemo Brain. This tactic of mine, which is part of a grander strategy I call The Cancer Card, has served me well over the past five-plus years since I finished my chemo and radiation treatments and is, unlike the most of the other tactics that fall under TCC, long-lasting. So, be warned: any failure of mine to employ Right Reason is medically proven to be caused by this chronic affliction and, therefore, because ‘the medical science is settled’, as it were, you cannot in good conscience hold me responsible for such failures. If you so, you are a Hater of people with disabilities.

Back to the subject at hand…

In his latest posting on this subject, Stacy, commenting on some more bile being spewed by the reprehensible and vile cretin Martin Bashir, dissects one of the main tactics being used by the left to promote this meme:

What Bashir is doing is something I explained two weeks ago: Using evangelicals as a “hook” to bring up Romney’s Mormonism. This is a familiar theme that mainstream reporters have been working on ever since the 2008 campaign. The supposed anti-Mormon prejudices of evangelical Christians that were much talked about in terms of Romney’s difficulties in GOP primaries will now be reinterpreted as an excuse to talk about Mitt’s Mormonism for the general election campaign.

It’s a great two-birds-with-one-stone-stone trick for liberals: “Look how bigoted these holy rollers are and — hey, by the way — did you notice that Romney’s religion is kinda weird and has a history of polygamy, violence and racism? Also, coming up next, we have an exclusive interview with an ex-Mormon woman who has written a book that says the church is horribly sexist . . .”

There will be no end to this, and those who are sanguine about Romney’s election chances — Ace seems positively giddy these days — may be naive in thinking the media’s steady drip, drip, drip about Mormonism will not hurt Mitt with independents.

Three words: “Low-information voters.”

The kind of people who never vote in primaries and seldom vote in mid-terms, but who feel it their patriotic duty to vote in presidential elections, are notoriously disengaged from politics on a day-to-day basis. They don’t pay much attention to the news, and have only a superificial knowledge of issues and ideologies. They usually show up in poll data as “don’t know/don’t care/undecided.”

What will these voters know about Mitt Romney by Nov. 6? They’ll know he’s rich, and they’ll know he’s Mormon.

Further along in his spot-on post, Stacy explains how the groundwork the Left has been laying with the Mormon Mitt Meme will be used to force Willard into only having two possible ways to handle this — both of them damaging to his Presidential ambitions:

They’re now doing the same to Romney with the “Mormon Mitt” meme: Establishing the map-grid coordinates, as it were, so that when the signal flare goes up, everybody is aiming at the same target and Romney is helplessly trapped in the media kill-zone. They’ve got Romney zeroed in already: When he attempts to “distance” himself from whatever out-of-the-mainstream Mormon belief he’s accused of holding, his denial will then be used as evidence that he is just an insincere panderer with no core principles. If Mitt complains that he is the victim of religious bigotry, they’ll mock him as a whining crybaby.

So…Willard is not a full-on victim here because his pandering and flip-flopping have made it possible for the Left’s strategy in this matter to be viable [ah…vaulting ambition!].

As I mentioned above, Stacy has been documenting the unfolding of the Mormon Mitt Meme intensely since early March.

On Wednesday, he chronicled some of the latest examples and reported on this interesting fact:

…Did you know that last summer, Ron Howard bought the movie rights to Under the Banner of Heaven, a book about murders committed by members of an fundamentalist Mormon extremist splinter group? While there’s no way they could complete a major motion picture before the election, I’m willing to bet stories about the making of the movie will start showing up in the major media this fall.Drip, drip, drip . . .

On Tuesday, Stacy reported on shameless Willard booster Jennifer Rubin’s growing concern about the use of the Mormon Mitt Meme. A highlight:

Jen, seriously: Have you bothered to investigate the history, beliefs and practices of LDS? Because there is a metric buttload of this stuff just laying around out there, and those tolerant and enlightened liberals in the press corps are gonna unload it all.

Do you really think they’ll stint to use the dirtiest tricks in the book? Remember how your liberal friends learned to sling around “neocon” as an epithet (nudge, nudge) during the Bush years?

Whatever you do, don’t say nobody warned you.

Say. No. More.

Once again we have to go back to the low-information voters who stand a good chance of deciding this Election. What they will hear over the weeks between now and 06 November is more than they ever cared to know about Mormonism. And what they will learn is that, compared to Christianity and Judaism, the Latter Day Saints hold rather strange beliefs, that certainly their beliefs lend themselves to caricatures that make them seem awfully ‘weird’. As an example: I suspect that, by Election Day, we’ll all be really sick of hearing the term ‘Magic Underpants’. The fact that Mormons make very good neighbors and that the vast majority are decent and upright citizens will not stand a chance against the cartoonish images of them that will be relentlessly promoted by the Left.

On Monday, Stacy offered another example and this insight to how Team Obama will play their part:

Let’s be clear: No one expects the Obama campaign to do anything overt to raise the Mormonism issue. But liberals in the media are already researching articles about the history, beliefs and practices of LDS, interviewing critics and ex-Mormons, and those Serious Journalism stories will start cropping up in due time. You can bet on it.

Indeed. You just have to look at how they handled the Rosen matter.

I highly recommend checking-in over at Stacy’s place every now and again to find out the latest manifestations of the Mormon Mitt Meme.

One Final Thing: Now, some Romney partisans have accused Stacy himself of fanning this flame. This, of course, is to be expected as they are starting to panic and it’s a very Human thing to blame the messenger. But, as anyone who knows Stacy McCain knows: he is a man who does not hold a man’s religion against him. Message to the Mittiacs: direct your anger to the immoral bastards on the Left and their Useful Idiots who are behind these attacks and not towards an honest reporter.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    20 April 2012 @ 20:55 20:55

    My experience with Mormons in life has been they are generally pleasant people. I’m more willing to put up with one in the White House over the current occupant.

    As I said on another post, proper vetting wouldn’t let Mr. Obama be eligible for any office.

    • 22 April 2012 @ 20:06 20:06

      My only reservation about Mormons is that they have no vices. I agree with Churchill that you have to be a bit wary of any man who doesn’t have at least one vice. However, I, too, would have no problem with one in The White House.

  2. 20 April 2012 @ 22:04 22:04

    This Faux outrage by douche bag Lawrence O’Donnell was preview enough for what Mitt was going to be up against.

    • 22 April 2012 @ 20:07 20:07

      Thanks for posting that clip.

      I think this was the incident which set Stacy a-blogging about the tactic.

  3. ohengineer permalink
    21 April 2012 @ 13:14 13:14

    Frankly, I don’t think there is much of a way for Mittens to take the sting out of this. Even going on TV and telling the left to pound sand will lend to the force of it. Add in his behavior as MassGov and you could have a perfect storm.

    personally, I look for the Kenyan to be standing up to take the oath next January. Conservatives will get blamed for the DC ruling party losing another one. Personally, they can go pound sand.

  4. njartist49 permalink
    23 April 2012 @ 19:26 19:26

    Well, hey, Barack Hussein Obama’s birth religion Islam – and the one he has promised to stand with and protect – actively promotes polygamy, the beating of those wives, and the genital mutilation of same.


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