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Primary Night: ‘It’s Just A Flesh Wound’

03 April 2012 @ 19:27

Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington D.C. are the ones up this time and Stacy McCain has, per usual, got a post going at his joint that he will be updating throughout the evening.

He lives in Maryland, so he got to cast a vote today for Rick Santorum, but, as he puts it:

Of course, Maryland is a very liberal state and, as such, is considered a shoo-in for the former governor of Massachusetts, so Mitt Romney will pick up 37 delegates in a state he’s got zero chance of winning in November. Because he’s inevitable! And electable!

The Black Knight: I’m invincible!

King Arthur: You’re a loony.

Do keep checking with Stacy for the latest numbers and some choice Gonzo analysis.

While you’re waiting for updates, you might want to head on over to Wisconsin resident Lancelot Link Burri’s [The Troglopundit’s] cave and pass the time reading his rants about (1) wanting to exact revenge on an iceberg, (2) Paul Ryan and jelly donuts [don’t ask], (3) his weekly desperate attempt to be funny, and (4) what the Cheesehead considers erotic [hate to admit it, but he may be on to something]…then again, you might rather pull yer own head off and nail it to the floor.

  1. Sam permalink
    03 April 2012 @ 21:33 21:33

    Tried to leave a comment on Wasn’t able too. I have some of same thoughts music wise. You might like this song. It fits. Look up the lyrics.
    The Black Angels – Young Men Dead

    Also just for kicks. Think about what these guys said. Maybe consciously they said it tongue in cheek but subconsciously maybe they saw something going on. California was one of the first truly multicultural states.
    Black Flag – White Minority


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