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Bob’s Musings: Killing Me Softly With His Sarong

31 March 2012 @ 16:23

Bob's Muse

-This will have to a quick one — ‘all the best laid plans…’ and all that.

-The one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic is approaching.  I used to be quite the Titanic buff [I knew all the details and theories] until everyone started getting interested once James Cameron’s foolish version came out.  Then the rank amateurs got interested and ruined the whole thing for me.  I must admit, however, that I will probably watch Julian Fellowes’s version as he’s done a damn fine job with Downton Abbey.  And I may check out the film on the fifteen years it took to build it, Titanic: Blood And Steel, starring Chris Noth as JP Morgan, Derek Jacobi, and Alessandra Mastronardi [Miss A Little Hump Day Rule 5 of two weeks ago].  Mostly I’ll give it a look because it features a lot of British actors and because, being a guy, I like to know how things are made.

The London Daily Mail had kindly published a great graphic map of the ship.

The LDM also reports that the lovely Kate Winslet has, at least partially, redeemed herself for her sin of appearing in Cameron’s piece of dreck:

Kate Winslet reveals her TRUE feelings about Celine Dion’s Titanic song My Heart Will Go On

She told MTV News: ‘I feel like throwing up when I hear it. No, I shouldn’t say that. No, actually, I do feel like throwing up.

‘I wish I could say, “Oh listen, everybody! It’s the Celine Dion song!” But I don’t.

‘I just have to sit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll.’

That the song became so popular and is still beloved is a fine example of Western Civilization sinking into the dreary deep. 

-Speaking of Mr. Fellowes: his biography reminds one of a Britain that once deserved the adjective ‘Great’.

Born in Cairo, Egypt; full name is Julian Alexander Kitchener-Fellowes, Baron Fellowes of West Stafford, DL; his is, as you might expect, a Conservative Peer; Father’s name is Peregrine Edward Launcelot Fellowes; son’s name Peregrine Kitchener-Fellowes; his wife is a great-great niece of the famous Lord and a Lady-In-Waiting for Princess Michal Of Kent; and from Wikipedia: ‘Fellowes has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction that the proposals to change the rules of royal succession were not extended to peerages, which would have allowed his wife to succeed as 4th Countess Kitchener; instead, the title became extinct on her uncle’s death due to the lack of male heirs’.

Advice his father gave him: ‘If you have the misfortune to be born into a generation which must earn its living, you might as well do something amusing’.

It’s nice to know such folks are still around in Fair Albion.

-As for Downton Abbey: the meme that’s going around that the show is for women only is foolish.  Here’s a good old conservative show that praises manhood and honor and the importance of maintaining a manly bearing and dignity.  The character of the Earl Of Grantham, played by Huge Bonneville, is man to be looked up to.  He is the epitome of dignity, grace, kindness, honor, and strength.  Don’t believe what you’ve heard: Downton is well-worth your time.

-Speaking of The London Daily Mail: (1) it’s a sad state of affairs when it reports more important news about America than any of the MSM newspapers or outlets and (2) it mentioned our Friend In The Ether The Lonely Conservative in an article about conservative reaction to the announcement that Hanoi Jane Fonda will be playing Nancy Reagan in a movie – way to go TLC, you’ve arrived!

-BTW: TLC is in the running to be included in the Top 25 Political Moms list.  There are only a few days left to vote and yu can vote once a day, so why not head on over, give her a vote, and then vote for some of the other great conservative gals who have been nominated, like Zilla, No One Of Any Import, and Political Clown Parade, just to name a few.

-The great Earl Scruggs passed away this week and the Evil Blogger Lady has published a fitting and tune-filled tribute.

John Doe is back…and it’s about damn time.  Now, if Lipton T. Bagg were to emerge out of the fog, we could get this joint jumpin’.

-I’m off to do Rule 5…Live Well, My Friends…

  1. 31 March 2012 @ 17:57 17:57

    thanks for helping us ladies out, you are a gentleman. I’m hanging onto #25 by a thread, LOL.


    • 01 April 2012 @ 06:27 06:27

      You’re tied for #24 with the “Radical Housewife” now, I’m going to tweet for you again, hopefully you can get a couple of more votes! Some of us have hundreds and thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, it’s insane how difficult it is to get any of them to vote – if each of them voted JUST ONCE we’d all have this thing cinched! Why are our “friends” not taking TWO SECONDS to click a freaking thumbs up against the commie mommies?

    • 01 April 2012 @ 18:18 18:18

      You’re quite welcome.

      I voted for you and Zilla, As well.

  2. formwiz permalink
    31 March 2012 @ 22:01 22:01

    Considering how many times the succulent Miss Winslet has been willing to share with the world her sumptuous and silken endowments (which qualifies her as one of the greatest actresses to ever grace celluloid), I should think that would be redemption enough.

    But, then, I always flipped the dial when that song came on.

    • 01 April 2012 @ 18:19 18:19

      Nothing will ever fully wipe away the shame.

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        02 April 2012 @ 22:52 22:52

        After that “sketch” scene I’d have to say Kate Winslet has nothing to be ashamed of.

        • thecampofthesaints permalink
          03 April 2012 @ 06:26 06:26

          Sorry: any scene with DiCaprio in it ruins the mood.

  3. 01 April 2012 @ 06:24 06:24

    Thanks for the shout out, Bob! We Conservatives in the contest need all the help we can get! We’re up against openly socialist radical leftist feminists, and the deck is stacked against us so we need all the help we can get to wreck up the idiotic “Conservative War one Wimmyn” meme. I need just 20 votes to move into 4th place, but Lonely Con needs about 250 to snag 1st! ALL of us need support so we can BEAT THE COMMIE MOMMIES!


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