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Fear And Loathing 2012: Like A Lou’siana Fairy Tale

24 March 2012 @ 15:33

Down in Louisiana, bayous by and by
Pirogue pole or your natural soul
Keeps you to a tree hide tide
Beer joint lights come on
And then the crowd starts rollin’ in
Pretty soon you got stars on the water

You got stars on the water
It’s like stars on the water
Let it rain

Stars On The Water, lyrics by Hunter S. Thompson

Stacy McCain is finally back on the road again and this time he’s in Louisiana.

He’s been there for couple of days covering the run-up to today’s GOP Primary.

Here’s what he’s filed so far…

-From Virginia: Romney’s ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ Platform: Santorum’s ‘Act of God’ Moment?

-From Alabama: Santorum Leads Latest Louisiana Polls; Newt Gingrich at LSU Tonight — Maybe

-From Baton Rouge: It’s Past Midnight in Louisiana, and We’re Already Knee-Deep in Craziness

A highlight:

While I was driving six hours across Alabama and Mississippi to get here, and then covering Newt Gingrich’s appearance at a Tea Party forum on the LSU campus, it seems that everybody went crazy:

→Ed Crane went crazy on the Koch brothers, whom he accuses of trying to take over the libertarian Cato think tank.

→One of James O’Keefe’s former partners went crazy on him, accusing him of all kinds of weird sex shenanigans.

→Rick Santorum went crazy on Mitt “Etch-a-Sketch” Romney, saying Mitt might be worse than Obama.

→Instapundit went crazy on Santorum, which is weird, because until now Insty has been the Last Sane Man in the Blogosphere.

→Everybody went crazy in Sanford, Florida, where the weird George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin has proven once again that we should have left Florida to the Spanish, the Seminoles and the alligators.

What’s wrong with you people, huh? I turn my back for a few hours, and when I get back online, you have all gone crazy. As for me, I’ve been busy doing Neutral Objective Journalism…

When the going gets loony, the weird look normal.

-From Baton Rouge: What Santorum Said, What He Meant, and What Romneybots Want You to Think

-From Baton Rouge: BULLETIN: 5.0 Earthquake Hits Vanuatu; New Poll Shows Rick Santorum Headed for ‘Commanding Win’ in Louisiana Primary

Every time one hits, it’s good news for the Santorum Campaign.  Quick!  Get Leonard Nimoy on the case!

-From Baton Rouge: Rick Santorum in Cavuto Interview: ‘This Is the Hatchet-Job of All Time’ (Video Added)

-From Central: Neutral Objective Journalism

-Any new reports will be found here.

-I would be remiss if I didn’t throw at least one link towards my Friend In The Ether, Pat Austin, who reigns in Shreveport with a benevolent hand.  She was supposed to finally meet America’s Favorite Gonzo Reporter, but, well…I’ll let her tell you about it.

-Stacy just filed a report which sheds just a bit more light on The Incident In Livonia, but the main point of the post is to heap justifiable praise on Lisa Graas, one of those grand ladies I’ve met in my travels through The Ether, back bones of our fight, who, if we are successful in the restoration of our freedoms and liberties, will deserve to have her name inscribed on a statue.

The dew is hanging diamonds on the clover
The moon is list’n’ing to the nightingale.
And while we’re lost in dreams
The world around us seems like a Lou’siana Fairy Tale…


[You may recognize this song as the original theme for This Old House]

  1. formwiz permalink
    24 March 2012 @ 16:49 16:49

    Sorry, but the polls Stacy quotes were released before Santorum made his remarks about better Barry than Milton.

    I’m still betting, if Santorum wins at all, it won’t be by double digits.

  2. SOYLENT GREEN permalink
    25 March 2012 @ 21:26 21:26

    Fats. Nice touch.

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