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That Old Obama Magic [Updated Below]

20 March 2012 @ 13:11

It’s got some of us under it’s spell [not the readers of TCOTS – of that I am sure].

You probably have heard of this story, but just in case you haven’t…

Malia Obama, thirteen year old daughter of The Greatest First Couple In The History Of The World!, is on Spring Break with a bunch of her friends and twenty-five Secret Service Agents in Mexico.

Reporting of this story began early yesterday, but by last evening most of the reports on the Internet had mysteriously disappeared with no explanation. If you followed one of the links, you got what’s called a 404 Message [defined thusly: ‘The web site hosting server will typically generate “404 – Not Found” web page, when users attempts to follow a broken or dead link, hence the 404 error is one of the most recognizable errors users can find on the web’].

As you can imagine, a lot of speculation has been flying through The Ether.

This morning we had confirmed for us that The White House was behind the crop circle-ish disappearances. Communications Director to the First Lady Kristina Schake informed Politico [emphasis mine]:

From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls.

So…Barack and Michelle are telling us that this story contains ‘no vital news interest’.

Hmmm…I and many others beg to differ, like Bryan Preston:

Refraining from photographing the first daughters makes sense, but there appear to be at least three news angles to this story. One, the first daughter’s spring break comes at a time when Americans are advised against traveling to Mexico due to the deteriorating security environment there. Two, the cost of the trip to the taxpayer. The scrubbed reports all agree that 25 Secret Service agents have accompanied the first daughter and her friends on the trip. American taxpayers are picking up those and undoubtedly other costs associated with this trip. Three, the White House’s relationship to and influence on the mainstream media.

Super Mom, The Lonely Conservative, also voices some concerns:

There’s no estimate on how much the agents’ travel is costing US taxpayers, or how Malia got to Mexico, and what that cost us. We aren’t supposed to talk about the Obama daughters, only the president can do that when he wants to score political points. But this seems to be a bit over the top.

How many thirteen year old girls go away for spring break without their parents, anyway? I guess when you have a large security detail paid for by others you don’t need to accompany your children on vacation. Not that Michelle Obama is averse to vacation, she must be busy campaigning for her husband.

Some thoughts…

-Have King Barack The Unready and Lady Michbeth, by using their daughters to make political/ideological points, made the girls fair game? No. Sasha and Malia are not adults and, therefore, even if they don’t mind their parents using them for such purposes, (1) their opinions don’t matter in this discussion and (2) as juveniles they have no culpability. However, their parents must be called-out whenever they use their underage children as political props and it must be made clear that such behavior is beyond the pale [no raaaaacism! intended].

-What parents in their right minds allow their thirteen year old child to go on Spring Break unchaperoned by a family member or a close friend? The Secret Service cannot be expected to perform their duties and be surrogate parents too. To expect them to do both is an insult to the fine men and women who make up The Service.

-What parents in their right minds send their child to visit a country where there is no law and order to speak of and especially one where ruthless drug cartel leaders would do anything to get their hands on that child? Do you Barry think they fear you? Why should they? They’ve watched you, the dictator wanna-be, kow-tow to Totalitarians for the past three-plus years. The only people who fear you are the citizens of The United States who oppose you.

-With their past record of corruptions and cover-ups of facts that reflect badly on them, one cannot help but wonder if the Obama’s are not using their daughter [again] in order to suppress another story of their royal-like extravagances.

-On second thought, I take all of the above back. Obviously Barack and Michelle are DOING IT FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

UPDATE at 1959…

Dan Riehl reporting on this story over at Big Journalism comments:

…at the very same time American citizens are being discouraged from traveling to Mexico, Obama has no trouble loading down his 13 year-old daughter Malia with a 25 man security team, along with an adjunct unit from the Mexican government, and shipping her off for a visit. Do you think that might be newsworthy if Bush did it? Come to think of it, perhaps John Edwards was actually onto something with that “Two Americas” rhetoric of his, after all.

He was, Dan, only in the sense that he was a prophet, forcasting things to come.

  1. Rosalie permalink
    20 March 2012 @ 14:55 14:55

    Michelle’s mother is living with them. You would think that she would be accompanying them if their parents aren’t.

  2. 20 March 2012 @ 15:54 15:54

    I’m looking at the Government Per Diem rates for Cancun and it’s $294/day for Lodging, Meals & Incidentals. Let’s see, 25 agents comes to $7350/day for those SS agents. How long were they there? 10 days? So with everything else going on in the budgetary process, the first child has a $250k Spring Break???

  3. 21 March 2012 @ 00:32 00:32

    I agree with this critique, and I’m angry that the MSM has once again toed the Obama line in going along with the garbage about “protecting the children’s privacy”, We cannot put up with this because that would be letting the left define the terms of the discussion.

    This news story is NOT about Obozo’s offspring.

    No. It is all about US TAXPAYERS’ MONEY – in other words, OUR money – and how it is being spent on Obama’s offspring.

    Every story about taxpayers’ money – how it is being extracted from us, and where it is going – is a valid news story.


    As you rightly point out, If Hussein and Mooch considered their offspring’s privacy and safety to be such a priority, then they should have insisted she spend spring break with them, in the White House – not in an obviously unsafe part of the world.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      21 March 2012 @ 06:41 06:41

      Well put.

      Or they could have sent her and her friends to Camp David, which is always guarded anyway. They could have spent their time communing with Gaia.


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