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Nomination Excitations: I Was Born 200 Years Too Late

19 March 2012 @ 13:31

-Wow! You go off and have a few pops with the wife at your Saturday Night Happy Hours and all Hell brakes loose…and in the state my mother’s people called home in the 19th Century. From Stacy McCain we learn of the disruptions at some of the Missouri Cacuii. He comments:

Look, I love it that Paul gets college kids excited about the the concept of liberty. I’ve got a profound libertarian streak myself and, in fact, voted for Bob Barr for president in 2008. But obnoxiousness is practically an ideology to some of these kooks. Disrupting meetings with “point of order” gibberish is akin to those wacko tax protesters who claim they have some sovereign right that recognizes no higher authority than the county sheriff.

They don’t have a political philosophy, they have a personality disorder.

I read the reports Stacy linked, especially Duane Lester’s, and I still don’t know what to make of the situation. Perhaps, I’m just in a dull frame of mind. If any of you all [I get that from my mother] have an opinion, please leave a comment.

-Pat Austin has a damn fine report up on Rick Santorum’s recent visit to Shreveport where she comments:

…Santorum is drawing some heat for speaking in churches, for speaking at white churches, and for apparently being in politics in general.

I know…how dare he, eh?

-Stacy is thinking of attempting a non-stop seventeen hour drive to Louisiana to be able to cover a Santorum Campaign event on Wednesday Afternoon. Why not head on over to The Other McCain and let the old Gonzo know you think he’s damn crazy.

-Over at American Power, Donald Douglas tries to answer the question: Is Willard Tweedledum or Tweedledee?

-I don’t usually cover the campaign doings of our Fearless Leader in this forum, but I’m going to make an exception to request that you click here and read Vicki’s report on O’Bama’s doing on Saint Patty’s day and then ask you to answer this question: Is it me being an old fogy, or am I correct in calling the jacket he’s wearing Metrosexual?

Sometimes I really hate the 21st Century.

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  1. 19 March 2012 @ 15:02 15:02

    There is only one candidate that will cut the budget, and I need not even mention the name. The rest are big spenders just like Obama. I no longer bother following the campaigns but do follow the local candidate campaigns. Lugar is in trouble, yeaaaaaa! I’ll support Mourdock in the primary and in the election. If Lugar wins I”ll vote for Donnelly. Fuck Rinos. I’ll vote Constitution party for president, I’m done with big government rinos.

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