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I Listened With Growing Horror

19 March 2012 @ 10:09

Stacy McCain and I are around the same age, and it shows:

Raised during the Cold War — when my uncles and cousins and neighbors were fighting the Viet Cong and the NVA, when American troops stood on guard against that doomsday moment when the Red Army decided to make a try for the Fulda Gap, when any blink of an eye might bring down a worldwide thermonuclear Armaggedon upon us — I developed a profound loathing of communism.

It was a highlight of my journalism career when the news came across the wire that former CPUSA chairman Gus Hall had died, and it was my honor to write his obituary, thus bringing good news to the world because, as every patriotic red-blooded American knows, the only good Commie is a dead Commie.

Has such a perspective become archaic or obsolete, merely because the Soviet Union collapsed into the ash-heap of history 20 years ago? Or, as I think, is it important to remember the deadly evil that Marx and Lenin unleashed upon mankind, and to stand eternally vigilant against any prospect of its recrudescence?

You may disagree with my belief that the Red Menace is still a specter that haunts us, and if you disagree, you probably don’t share my opinion that the Occupy movement represents a new iteration that menace. I understand this and so, when I denounce the Occupiers as “Commies,” it is both a serious indictment of their leftist worldview and a self-conscious jest, satirically invoking the old Cold War mentality toward beatniks and hippies and other such pinko Bolshevik sympathizers.

That’s exactly how I feel and it’s the main reason I have been so vociferous in my denunciations of the Occupy Movement since I heard about it be planned last Summer.

I became interested in politics and the world at the age of seven because my brother, ‘Books’ Belvedere was twelve years older and he was interested [geek-in-the-making that I was, I put a Nixon bumper sticker on the loose-leaf notebook I used in school; I did the same in 1972 and nearly got pummeled].

I saw the Anti-Vietnam War Movement unfold and watched their actions. I watched interviews with the leaders and I listened in growing horror at the bile being spewed by the leaders of the various Leftist and Hippie organizations [I've known of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn since the early 1970's, and Mark Rudd, Michael Harrington, the Black Panthers, and Tom Hayden; I remember the Days Of Rage and the SDS, the Revolutionary Youth Movement, and, of course, the Weather Underground]. It was clear that these people harbored a profound hatred for everything The United States stood for and that they were in favor of overthrowing the government by any means necessary [they said so, so it didn't take much for my adolescent brain to grasp this, especially when you consider such things as this]. At times it seemed as though America would descend into violent anarchy.

But, of course it didn’t.

When Richard Nixon ended the Draft, a lot of the protestors went back to less serious pursuits and the Radicals that were left were defeated as much by their own incompetence as anything else.

At that point, those Leftists who advocated destroying The Constitution from the inside gained support for their efforts [including, as we now know, monetary support from Soviet Russia and Red China] and entered their golden age, one that culminated in the election of Barack Hussein Obama, a Red Diaper Baby if there ever was one.

Living through those times seared into my brain a hatred for the Left. Adding to my disgust were the revelations of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, watching Forced Busing be implemented, and reading the Samizdats.

I decided to devote a good portion of my study to understanding the Leftist Mind – why it thought how it thought, what would motivate people to side with such repulsive thinking [which I came to realize was also, as Ayn Rand put it, Anti-Life, part of, as John Paul The Great called it: The Culture Of Death], to embrace Nihilism.

These studies led me to study the Russian people, their culture, history, and literature [it is from Dostoevsky that I first learned of the Nihilists], Leftist thinkers such as Marx, Engels, Lenin, Harrington, Dewey, and Hellman, Leftist politicians such as McGovern, McCarthy, Humphrey, and FDR, Dupes such as most of the Republican Party, the pre-Thatcher Tories, and people like Helmut Schmidt, and events such as the French Revolution.

I became the coldest of Cold Warriors and, through my understanding of Leftist Thinking, I achieved a better understanding of what it means to be a conservative and why ideology is Evil.

I suspect that Stacy’s road was similar in spirit.

And this is why we are relentless in our efforts to expose the Occupy Movement for what it is, who controls it, and the thinking behind it.

The true nature of Leftism, the grave danger the Red Menace represents, especially with the advent of the Internet, is out there in the open for everyone to see. There is no excuse not to see it.

If you value freedom and liberty, you cannot afford to stick your head in the sand.

This is a fight to the death.

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  1. 19 March 2012 @ 15:04 15:04

    We share a very close historical view of our enemy and a common interest in their makeup and funding. On the day the Soviet machine collapsed and people couldn’t get over how we finally beat them biting at the bit to spend the “Peace Dividend” on welfare I made a post on usenet outlining what I thought was really going on.. The soviets used us to rebuild themselves with our money and their prepositioned agents of influence in our political system to rise again like a phoenix of doom while the red chinese spent their time creating the infrastructure they lacked.. I think back in disgust at how my “paranoia” was derided and attacked by everyone.. I only wish those damned fools were right and I was wrong but time has shown me dead on.
    Now our enemies rule over us as we squirm in their claws afraid to say anything but yes sir to their enforcers. Its painful sometimes to be right but I have retained a small bit of faith in the American attitude that still has the ability to say “Fuck You asshole, come and get it”
    Love your stuff..

    Yank lll

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