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Bob’s Musings: What A Dump!

13 March 2012 @ 13:30

Bob's Muse

-On that soldier in the ATO who supposedly massacred a number of Afghans in a village — from Reuters, Sharon Begley reporting:

In the search for an explanation of why a U.S. soldier left his base in Afghanistan at night and killed 16 civilians in their homes, some experts have raised the possibility that mental illness or a brain injury played a role in the massacre. “We’re going to look into all of that,” General John Allen, who commands U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, told CNN on Monday, declining to comment further on the mental state of the soldier suspected in Sunday’s attack. A U.S. official told Reuters that the staff sergeant had suffered a traumatic brain injury in a vehicle rollover in 2010 in Iraq, and was treated and returned to duty.

It is, of course, way to early in the investigation to draw any conclusions that one can be comfortable with. However, I have no doubt in predicting the following: if it is found that the soldier acted alone and that he was not mentally fit for duty, this Administration will still thrust him up the thirteen stairs to the gallows and hang him.

Never forget that the Left values their policies over individual human beings. This soldier, if he did what it seems he did, disturbed Obama’s plans to appease the Taliban and his fellow thug, Karzai, and he can’t be allowed to get away with that — damaged brain or not.

-Supposed comedian Louis C.K. was scheduled to emcee the Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner. Greta Van Susteren published these choice quotes from the ‘humorist:

= Louis C.K. says of Palin: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”

= “I want to rub my father’s c*** all over Sarah Palin’s fat t***”

Mark Steyn comments:

Louis C.K. has now been mysteriously disinvited from the dinner. Those who live by the asterisk die by the asterisk.

Jimmy Kimmel, once co-host of the unappreciated Man Show, will now host the event.

That C.K. was even considered acceptable for such an event…well….Could This Be One Explanation?

-More Steyn — this time regarding Hillary Rodham’s equating of people like Sandra Fluke with the dissidents in Burma:

I wonder if Mrs. Clinton gave a moment’s thought to how revoltingly insulting that comparison is to “democracy activists in Burma.” On the one hand, Zin Mar Aung, who spent eleven years in jail for writing a letter. On the other, one of the eternal children of American entitlement, attending an elite law school whose graduates proceed smoothly to jobs with a starting salary of $160,000 yet demanding the government pick up the tab for her birth control — which, even if one accepts her absurd figure of $3,000, amounts to less than the first week’s salary of that first job.

John J. Miller below quotes Steven Landsburg saying Miss Fluke’s position “deserves only to be ridiculed, mocked and jeered.” We should save some of that ridicule, mockery, and jeering for the hideous parochial decadence of Mrs. Clinton’s ludicrous equation — and the audience that applauded it.

Such comparisons drain the meaning out of the words ‘courage’ and ‘bravery’, to the point where they loose any useful meaning, where they are robbed of any significance, trivialized.

But this is exactly what the Left wants to accomplish. Such attributes/descriptions such as courage and bravery can only be used to describe individuals and the acts they do. The Left wants to de-glorify the individual and raise The Collective up to admiring heights. A group that thinks as a group can be more easily controlled; individuals cannot.

-Speaking again of the great Steynatollah [should this post be retitled: ‘Mark’s Musings’?]: I did not know, until I read a recent post of his that Canada was such a dangerous place. About an event at which he will be the headliner in Toronto, he writes:

…If you’re in Buffalo and surrounding areas, the big show is merely a scenic 90-minute zip up the Queen Elizabeth Way. Even with herds of zombie moose ridden by feral Gordon Lightfoot fans rampaging across the dystopian wastelands, it’s reasonably safe, as long as you keep your car doors locked and avoid eye contact with the locals….

Including Mike Holmes??? Say it ain’t so.

-There’s a petition out there to urge the Navy to name the next carrier to be built [CVN-80] the USS Enterprise. The current Enterprise has just launched on her last voyage and there are currently no plans for any ship to carry that name. Since 1775 there have been vessels in our Navy that have proudly worn that name.

Mark Krikorian has the details here and comments:

But after this year the U.S. Navy will no longer have an Enterprise, which is why there’s a petition to name the next planned carrier, CVN-80, the USS Enterprise. Sign it, because we’ve gotten into the habit of naming our greatest warships after politicians, and not even dead ones — one of the newest carriers is the USS George H. W. Bush. Look, I voted for the guy, and he was a whole lot better than the current occupant, but nothing named by the U.S. government — not a building, not a scholarship program, certainly not one of the greatest warships built by mankind — should be named after a living person. Except for posthumous Medal of Honor recipients, it seems to me you should be dead for 50 years, preferably 100, before your name is even eligible to be considered for a naval ship.

And while we’re naming ships after Jimmy Carter and John Murtha and Bob Hope, keep in mind there’s no USS Lexington or Yorktown or Saratoga or Midway or Khe Sanh or, if we want to name them after people, Benjamin Franklin or John Adams or Jefferson or Madison or Monroe or Jackson. There have been nearly 1,000 Marine and Navy combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan — any one of those is more appropriate as the name of a ship than the USS Gabrielle Giffords.

As Smitty comments:

The Ruling Class would prefer you to lose all sense of history, and live in a ‘managed’ present tense.

Are we going to let another historical ship name die? Will we let the Bolshes and the Bureaucrats wipe more of our history away?

-Be Prepared To Be Outraged — from Kevin Williamson over at NRO:

Here is a sincere question: Why have the good people of Rochester, N.Y., failed to tar and feather school superintendent Bolgen Vargas as a prelude to running him out of town on a rail?

Mr. Vargas is fortunate enough to have in his charge one Jada Williams, a 13-year-old eighth grader who voluntarily took on some difficult extra work: reading Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of the Life and writing an essay on the subject. Frederick Douglass is dangerous reading, truly radical stuff. Miss Williams, like most of the students in her dysfunctional school, is black. Most of the people being paid to go through the motions of teaching them are white. Coming across the famous passage in which Douglass quotes the slavemaster Auld, Miss Williams was startled by the words: “If you teach that nigger (speaking of myself) how to read, there will be no keeping him. It will forever unfit him to be a slave. He would at once become unmanageable, and of no value to his master.” The situation seemed to her familiar, and her essay was a blistering indictment of the failures of the largely white faculty of her school: “When I find myself sitting in a crowded classroom where no real instruction is taking place I can say history does repeat itself.”

Her teacher was so offended by the essay that she circulated copies of it to the rest of the faculty and to the principal. Miss Williams, an A student, suddenly began to receive Ds. According to accounts, her mother received harassing telephone calls from teachers who suggested that she was in some way disturbed rather than merely observant. She was forced eventually to withdraw from the school and enroll in an even worse one….

It truly is A World Turned Upside Down when the student is the adult and the teachers are the children.

-Donald Douglas has another example of juvenile behavior — this time by an elected official — here. I know, I know: it’s not at all surprising…but it is incredibly vulgar.

Sarah Palin Vs. The Space Nazis?!?

-Live well, my friends…

  1. Rosalie permalink
    13 March 2012 @ 18:44 18:44

    That’s a very sad story about Jada Williams. And they criticize parents for home schooling their children. Common sense simply does not prevail in public schools.

    • 13 March 2012 @ 19:03 19:03

      Sadly, the public school system is not the only system in this country that’s bereft of Common Sense these days.

  2. 13 March 2012 @ 19:28 19:28

    And what a dump it is. So ya know, I’m stealing one of these stories for my place, with a link back, of course.

    • 13 March 2012 @ 22:42 22:42

      You’re always welcome to do the Democratic thing and steal, Matt.

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