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TSOB: The Battle Rages On

10 March 2012 @ 16:10

[TSOB = The Spirit Of Breitbart]

All across the fruited plain, proud Americans are taking up the call to arms triggered by the death of Andrew Breitbart.  They have vowed to carry on his struggle to gain control of the Narrative, wrestling it away from the grubby and bloody hands of the Left.

The hardest part will be keeping our determination from flagging as time goes on and we keep meeting with defeats [which we will] and our non-political lives demand our attentions.  We can take comfort in the fact that, despite the rose-colored-glasses wishes of the Progressives, The TEA Party Movement is alive and well, working in many instances under the radar of the ‘Enlightened’ Elites.

If you find yourself on the brink of despair during this long struggle to restore our freedoms and liberties, I would urge you to pick up any decent biography of one of The Founding Fathers and read those chapters concerning their dark moments during the struggle for Independence and let their courage and determination wash over you.  Also, you can let me know of your Black Dog and I’ll do what I can in prose to buck you up — after all, the motto of this site is ‘Nil Desperandum’ — Never Despair.

And don’t forget, you can always head over to YouTube and re-watch moments like this:

I heard about this clip from Smitty in a posting he published this morning.  In the Comments section, AnonymousDrivel wrote:

Once again, Malkin at the tip of the spear to counter The Narrative. She’s a firecracker who, while blazing her own trails, gives proper credit to those who’ve also done the dirty work.

She’s a gem.

Yes.  Michelle Malkin is a fine diamond [perhaps she is our Hope Diamond?].  She is certainly a national treasure.

We are fortunate in that we have a Crown Jewels-worth of such gems in our possession.

Here are a few who attended the Irish Wake for Andrew Breitbart last weekend [tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain]:

In the Comments of Stacy’s post, Nice Deb writes [see some more about Andrew here over at her joint]:

My word for Andrew would have been, “lionhearted”: “brave, daring, bold, heroic, courageous, stalwart, resolute, intrepid, valiant, dauntless, valorous”

Andrew The Lionheart — it fits.





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