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‘Game On!’ Say The Young Ladies

10 March 2012 @ 18:53

Two lovely and talented young women, Camille and Haley Harris, have written and recorded a song for and about Rick Santorum that is pretty darn good.


-Tip of the fedora to Adjoran for turning me on to this song first.  He offers some advice to the Santorum Campaign, a critique of the production, and ends with some sound wisdom:

…if Santorum is smart and promotes this video, he has a chance. Great singers and song, good production, not a tattoo in sight – they should lose Glen Beck on the bass, though….

True.  Beck’s presence is the only sour note [I couldn’t resist].

-Putting on his Super Sarc Ring, Smitty issues a warning:

Do not be taken in by this bubbly video! If not for the massive efforts of Barack Obama, unemployment would be 25%, the national debt over $20 trillion, and children would be praying in a non-Mecca direction in schools.

‘Game On’, these girls say. As though Hope and Change was some sort of game! How severely disrespectful of the truly serious efforts of Barack Obama to find ideologically pure, politically reliable candidates for the highest offices in the land.

-Bravo to these two talented young ladies.  I wish them well in all future endeavors and may God bless them with true happiness.

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