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Betraying Our Troops: Obama’s Deadly Policy In Afghanistan

10 March 2012 @ 16:49

In last Sunday’s New York Post, Paul Sperry wrote of a situation in the ATO that is being ignored by the MSM and, more importantly, subjecting our troops over there to unjustifiable danger.

A few highlights:

In July 2010, Shir Ahmad, an Afghan security guard at a coalition base, started making threatening comments, saying he wanted to kill US troops.

His employer, Afghan-owned Tundra Security, a subsidiary of Canadian military contractor Tundra Group, fired him and recommended he not be rehired. But according to an investigation by Rep. Howard McKeon (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Tundra officials failed to pass that recommendation up the chain of command; nor was Ahmad added to any military watch list.

Tundra rehired Ahmad on March 9, 2011, without a background check. Ten days later, while working security at Forward Operating Base Frontenac in Southern Afghanistan, Ahmad picked up an AK-47 and fired into a group of soldiers who were cleaning their weapons.

He killed two — Cpl. Donald R. Mickler Jr., 29, of Ohio, and Pfc. Rudy A. Acosta, 19, of California.

They were only two of the 75 soldiers killed since 2007 by “green on blue” attacks executed by our supposed Afghan allies, aided and abetted by wishful thinking on the part of the Obama administration and lax security measures in Afghanistan. Despite these murders — including six in the last two weeks — officials plan to do nothing to take guns away from Afghans stationed with our troops.

After the Ahmad attack, the Pentagon told Congress that it had improved the screening process for Afghan forces — requiring all troops undergo a criminal-background check, including fingerprinting, and that they produce two letters from their village elders vouching for their character.

McKeon calls the system “tragically weak.” There’s no central Afghan database to check the fingerprints against, for one, and nothing to determine if the recommendations come from an elder in cahoots with the Taliban. McKeon introduced a bill Thursday that would require US bases to be guarded only by American troops, not foreign nationals or private security firms.

“We must recognize that the existing processes failed to identify 42 attackers in 2007 to 2011,” he said.

Things have only gotten worse since Korans were burned outside a prison in Bagram on Feb. 20 because they contained covert messages from terrorist detainees.


On Feb. 25, an Afghan policeman working inside the Afghan Ministry of Interior — one of the most secure buildings in the country — pulled a gun, walked up behind two unarmed American officers and shot them both in the back of the head.

The slain American advisers — Air Force Lt. Col. John Loftis, 44, and Army Maj. Robert Marchanti, 48 — were helping train and “mentor” the Afghan national police.

They had removed their body armor and sidearms as a gesture of respect for their Afghan partners.

The still-at-large assailant was said to be loyal to the Taliban. He recently had been rehired by the Afghan government after returning from a Pakistani madrassa.


The Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police are “riddled with Taliban,” said a senior US Army intelligence official, “and these guys are just itching for a chance to kill an infidel for Allah.”

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, points out that the United States not only pays Afghan trainees and security guards about $240 a month, but also arms them with pistols and rifles.

“We’re mostly paying them to frag us,” he said.

At the same time Afghan guards are fully loaded in the base, US commanders require troops to disarm when they return from patrol.


“Complicating matters further,” McKeon said, “President Karzai has dictated that only Afghan nationals may be certified for employment as private security guards and has not permitted US citizen contractors.”

US intelligence sees insider attacks only worsening, as the size of the Afghan security forces grows and the Taliban penetrate deeper into their ranks.

Any outrage directed at the kleptocratic, narcissistic Karzai is just wasted.  One can only hope he meets the fitting justice he so richly deserves soon at the hands of his Muslim friends and that it involves a rather painful way to death.

However, any and all outrage directed at Barack Hussein Obama and Leon Panetta is well-worth it.  I’ve said this before about BHO and I’ll say it again now about both of them: They Don’t Care One Bit About Our Troops.  Like the good, card-carrying Leftist they are, they have no respect for individual human lives, especially those of the American Military.  Wake up, people.  These are heartless men who acre only about Immanentizing The Eschaton.

As for those general officers in charge of our Armed Forces who haven’t resigned because of this horrid policy that is getting our brave men killed: Shame on you; you are a disgrace to the uniform and the people you serve.

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  1. 10 March 2012 @ 16:56 16:56

    I hope to one day be able to throw the softball at the trigger/target at a dunk-tank of boiling porcine fat with Karzai the carnival geek being dunked. Warm waves of happiness emanate from me when I think od this.

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