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DPTB Part II: Sex Sex Sex And Stacy McCain

09 March 2012 @ 09:16

While I’m quite tired of all the BS and bromides being vomited-up by the Left regarding all issues relating to the relationship between men and women, I never tire of reading Stacy McCain’s thoughts on the subject. His insights are incredibly well-reasoned and always full of humanity. Honor requires that I also admit that I admire his Feminist baiting exercises and his wicked sense of humor.

The most recent effort by the Left to redirect the discussion from whether the government of The United States has the right to mandate that all citizens be provided with access to birth control and abortificants to a discussion of how mean the Right is for wanting to deny women contraception and then to also seek to silence Rush Limbaugh has prompted Stacy to reflect again on the immediate issues being raised, but to also turn his contemplative eye towards the larger issues involved.

In a series of postings this past week, America’s Most Beloved Gonzo Reporter has once again shown why he is one of the most treasured writers on the Right in these Dark Times.

I would urge you to click on the links below and avail yourself of Stacy’s wisdom, wit, and Common Sense…

What Do You Call a Woman Who Is So ‘Sexually Active’ That She Needs More Contraception Than She Can Afford?

The Dangerous Truth

‘Her Perceived Sexuality’? Occupy Oakland Protesters Accused of Robbing Lesbian, Stealing Her Obama Pin

Since We Can’t Call Sandra Fluke a ‘Slut,’ Would ‘Lying Liberal Bitch’ Be OK?

Facts From Which They Wish to Distract

Rush Limbaugh Apologizes on Radio Show; Byron York Explains Background

Sandra Fluke Argued for Mandatory Coverage for Sex-Change Surgery

How Feminism Actually Works

Middle School Teacher Named ‘Stacie’ Caught in Perhaps Predictable Scandal

Whether you agree with Stacy or not, I think you will at least concede that, unlike so many thinkers in this day and age, he is never a bore.

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