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DPTB Part I: Observe The Wombat In His Natural Habitat

09 March 2012 @ 08:41

Many of us who blog often are so busy trying to keep the content flowing [and living in Real World] that we forget to stop once in a while and offer praise to those sources of news and information that help make us more efficient at what we do. I know I am guilty of this, but every day, in every way, I’m trying to get better and better.

With that in mind, I thought I would pull the blog car over for a second and offer my thanks and appreciation to Wombat-Socho, the hard working man behind the must-read morning news aggregation Live At Five, which can be viewed over at The Other McCain.

Five days a week, this busy fellow takes time out of his frenzied schedule and sails through The Ether on a skiff made of determination gathering the most important and interesting news in the political, economic, sports, entertainment, and foreign news realms, along with the best of what his fellow bloggers are publishing and collects them in an easy-to-use posting that is the perfect companion to one’s morning coffee.

Besides chronicling the most informative reports, our clever Wombat also puts on display his razor-sharp wit in the captions he puts on the photos included in LAF, providing us with a humorous commentary on the foolish and inane and down right silly people populating our warped world [I assume he is Catholic, or at least was brought-up so, because he understands, as all we papists do that life is absurd]. I could not leave this encomium with mentioning one of the unique features of LAF: the cricket scores. Where else will you find such, shall we say, eccentric information in an American blog?

All of my praise will not do enough justice to the richness of what Wombat does in his Live At Five postings, so it’s best to just go and read a sample of his work.

Here are this weeks:






If, after viewing these aggregations, you do not come away with a resolve to check out LAF every weekday morning then you’re truly beyond all saving – God help you.

  1. 09 March 2012 @ 08:51 08:51

    I read it even though I have appeared there only once. I guess with the ever hopeful delusion of the small blogger.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      09 March 2012 @ 09:16 09:16

      Cheer-up! There’s always hope.

  2. 09 March 2012 @ 21:35 21:35

    I am humbled by your praise, Bob.
    Cricket scores are in abeyance now that the sacred spring rites of yakyu are being observed in Arizona and Florida in preparation for the Rites of Spring on Opening Day, as foretold by the prophet Boswell.

    • M. Thompson permalink
      09 March 2012 @ 21:54 21:54

      Amen. I pray the catherdal of Wrigley may have a long season this time.

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