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Got The Itch To Twitch?

07 March 2012 @ 13:33‘, that is…

From the About page:

Twitchy is a ground-breaking Twitter curation site powered by a kinetic staff of social media junkies. We mine Twitter to bring you “who said what” in U.S. politics, global news, sports, entertainment, media, and breaking news 24/7. If it’s news, we’re on it. If it should be news, we’re ahead of it. Get Twitchy and stay connected to our twire — the news wire of the 21st century.

From the press release:

Malkin added: “If it’s news, TWITCHY.COM is on it. If it should be news, TWITCHY.COM is ahead of it.”

Round-the-clock TWITCHY.COM editors will bring readers buzz-worthy tweets, reactions, and memes long before traditional media outlets decide it’s “breaking.” Unlike the current generation of Twitter aggregators, TWITCHY.COM will be driven by an eclectic mix of human curators whose judgment can’t be replicated by computer algorithms.

TWITCHY.COM is the newswire of the 21st century,” Malkin explained. We’re always wired. Never static. And we’re completely freed from slow-moving, obsolete corporate media restraints and biases against ‘non-traditional’ sources of news.”

From plane crashes and earthquakes, to political scandals and Hollywood catfights, to democracy revolutions abroad and the death of Osama bin Laden, more and more users get their news from Twitter.

TWITCHY.COM cuts through the noise and sifts through massive amounts of data to keep both casual news consumers and consummate newshounds up to speed. “Whether you’re a Twitter addict or a Twitter newbie, TWITCHY.COM will become a central part of your go-to, daily Internet diet,” Malkin promised.

The CEO and owner is Michelle Malkin, and she’s joined by the likes of my Friends In The Ether Dan Collins and Jimmie Bise [you can see the whole crew by clicking here].

It’s so good to see another resource available for conservative bloggers.

So…update ye blogrolls and spread the word
Twitchy is different from the rest of The Herd!

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