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What’s At Stake Today

06 March 2012 @ 18:06

Before he left today for the four-hour drive that will take him to Ohio to report from Santorum HQ tonight, Stacy McCain filed two excellent articles on what is at stake on Super Tuesday and the recent issues that arisen, both phony and legitimate, in the Campaign for the GOP Nomination.

From the one over at The American Spectator:

Ginning up a phony controversy about contraception permitted [what Andrew Breitbart called] the Democrat-Media Complex to change the subject in the GOP campaign. Santorum had offered himself to Republican primary voters as a “full-spectrum conservative,” contrasting his record with Romney’s on a host of issues, including the 2008 Wall Street bailout and global-warming theory. Most especially, however, Santorum had criticized the former Massachusetts governor for his “Romneycare” scheme, saying that Romney had provided the template for Obama’s own national health-care plan. This would make it impossible, Santorum repeatedly said, for Romney to provide the kind of “stark contrast” necessary to defeat Obama in the general election campaign. Santorum argued that if the central issue of the 2012 election was to be the repeal of Obamacare — as many conservatives hoped it would be — then it would be the height of folly for Republicans to nominate Mitt Romney as Obama’s opponent. Even without the class-warfare arguments that would be made against Romney’s background with Bain Capital and his support for the Wall Street bailout, the nomination of Romney would be tantamount to giving away to the Democrats the entire issue of compulsory government-run health-care insurance.

…For months, Team Obama had been preparing for the 2012 campaign with the presumption they would be running against Romney, who would be easy to caricature as an out-of-touch wealthy elitist. Santorum’s surprising surge for the first time caused the Democrats to re-target their opposition research efforts to one of Romney’s GOP rivals.

In light of these revelations and subsequent developments, the Jan. 7 debate question from Stephanopoulos about contraception and the “right of privacy” seems far more significant than it did at the time, when many commentators dismissed it as silly and irrelevant. It is now possible to discern how Stephanopoulos, Jay Carney, and other members of the Democrat-Media Complex have manipulated this phony contraceptive controversy, up to and including the Feb. 27 appearance of Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke before a meeting of the House Democratic Steering Committee. Byron York of the Washington Examiner has explained that this followed an attempt by Democrats to add Fluke as a witness for a Feb. 16 hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. The attempted last-minute addition to the witness list would have prevented members and their staff from adequately researching Fluke’s background. Democrats may have been attempting to conceal Fluke’s history as a left-wing activist, including her assertion in a law journal article that insurance policies that don’t pay for sex-change surgery are guilty of “heterosexist” discrimination.

For two months, then, liberals have manipulated public opinion to their benefit: First, to portray Santorum as an “extremist” in order to make him unacceptable to GOP primary voters, and then to generate absurd fears among women voters that Republicans are conspiring to deny them access to contraception. Finally, as an unexpected bonus, they were able to damage and demonize their longtime bête noire, Rush Limbaugh, by making a martyred victim of the deceptive witness Fluke. In each scene of this masterful marionette show, the liberal charade has been applauded by certain Republicans who were either too blind to see the puppeteer’s strings or else too stupid to understand the script.

Some Romney supporters in their blindness refuse to see that they have been played by the Left.

Some Romney supporters in their lust for power and/or in their lust for money and/or in their pathetic lust to be accepted by The Establishment have cheered-on the Left and joined in their denunciations, freely selling their conservative souls.

We must never forget who these folks are.  The former may be possible to rescue from their ignorance and stupidity, the latter must be shunned and ignored in every way possible, and denied any say or sway in our future efforts to save The Republic.

From the one over at The Other McCain, a few highlights:

Maybe Santorum can win tonight in Ohio, and we won’t have to contemplate the likelihood of a Romney-led debacle in November. And maybe, as I said, you think Mitt is “electable.” Maybe you think you’re smarter than George Stephanopoulos and his ABC News colleague Claire Shipman and their good buddy Jay Carney.

Why, however, are all these liberals convinced that Mitt is such a perfect choice as the Designated Republican Loser for November? I hesitate to endorse their cynical logic, but does anyone else remember how our Designated Republican Loser in 2008 grinned all the way to the nomination after winning “Super Tuesday” with a semi-secret tailwind of anti-Mormon prejudice?

Maybe all you Republicans who think you’re smarter than George Stephanopoulos are now saying to yourself, “Wait a minute! Are you trying to tell us that the Democrats would be willing to exploit such religious bigotry merely to win an election?”

Damn right they would – and will. If they can’t beat Romney with the “greedy Wall Street 1-percenter” class-warfare argument, the Democrats will not hesitate to Do Whatever It Takes to Win.

Do not forget the irrefutable fact that the Left lives by the code of ‘by any means necessary’.  They have rejected Morality and Tradition and Right Reason.  To them, everything and anything is permissible because they have given themselves an unlimited license to do what ever it takes to implement their polices, bring about Heaven On Earth, Immanentize The Eschaton.

If you can’t see this situation for what it is, well then, Stacy is dead solid perfect when he writes:

Maybe you can’t imagine such cynical political manipulation by mainstream media, but maybe you’ve forgotten how they made Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis magically disappear as topics of Serious Journalism four years ago.

Or maybe you’ve forgotten how they were able to convince a majority of Americans in 1998 that the President of the United States had a constitutional right to Oval Office blowjobs from interns.

And maybe you think this political puppet-show over “SlutGate” was just about something Rush Limbaugh said on the radio.

Maybe you are genuinely stupid, and there’s no point in my warning you that Romney isn’t as “electable” as you may think.

Maybe you like having your head up your arse.

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    Great post, Bob! Fluke is a political propaganda whore, IMO.

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