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It’s Stupor Tuesday!

06 March 2012 @ 09:33

Time for all good pundits to bloviate to their heart’s content, spewing enough hot air into the atmosphere to warm Gaia’s butt a few degrees.

-Smitty has done his part for the cause and cast a Not-Willard vote in Virginia:

Hopefully the not-Mitt candidate does well enough here, and the other not-Mitt candidates elsewhere, so that the GOP gets the message that this vaguely rigged seeming process is going to be the death of it. Or maybe the rebirth. I have joined the local Republican Committee, where we can hopefully, over time, circulate some blood in a purportedly red state that’s looking kinda old and purple these days.

As a former Republican City Committee Vice Chairman [or was it 'Chairman Of Vice' – my booze intake was much higher twenty years ago], I wish you well and would just advise that you be the official butcher on the Committee by making sure to always cut through the BS on the table. Make sure the important things don’t get laid on the table [but I shouldn't have brought Sandra Fluke into this].

-Over at The Corner, pundit Mona Charen of Virginia shows that she’s been drinking the same potion as Ann Coulter:

Today, I have the privilege of pulling the lever (ok, touching the screen) for a conservative who is articulate, intelligent, honorable, and doesn’t frighten the horses (er, the independents).

Just remember, my dear lady, the words you publish in The Ether live on forever.

-A word to all potential voters: If you haven’t been boning-up on what the candidates believe, haven’t taken the time to follow the campaign, then it is your duty not to vote, as such an act would be irresponsible.

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